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Social Media

English 101
8 December 2013
The Importance of Social Media
In today’s world, social media is present everywhere. Everybody I know uses some sort of social media, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, or something else. Our society today is obsessed with social media. I remember growing up how social media was non-existent and slowly became very popular and used by everyone. When I was younger, I had a sense of excitement and imagination every time I would go to school or hang out with friends and family. However now I have lost those senses because of social media. Social media has had positive outcomes as well. Social media has made improvements to my life by making it easier to get updates on news and also communicate with people. It is also a source of entertainment as well. In my opinion there is positive outcomes of social media and also negative outcomes. Social media is a great advancement in our society; however the ways we use it can be harmful or helpful to us.
There are forms of social media that take away excitement and a sense of imagination from your social life. These forms of social media are MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook. I personally don’t use any of these types of social media. They are made to interact with people over the web instead of in person. You post your profile on the web for anybody to see. Such as how old you are, where are you from, are you single, and pictures of yourself. You also post updates on where and what you are doing. In my opinion this is basically stalking somebody. You can know all about someone just by going to there profile. Where is the excitement in actually meeting someone in person instead of the Internet? I don’t use these types of social media because it can be very addicting. In an article from the UK called Facebook and Twitter: Survey reveals social media habits by the Weekly News written by Dr. David Giles says “Britons spend an estimated 62 million hours each day on Facebook and…


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