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social media networks

Social media networks Social media networks should only be viewed by the 18 and over. Stating in the applications process to allow access to face book and other related sites with “Do you agree to not post or engage in inappropriate activity on Facebook?” or beginning reality shows with viewer discretion is advised is simply not enough. There are too many vulnerable teens listening with open ears and are easily influenced by people in these reality shows and instigators on Facebook. Allowing adolescents to have access to this new generation of entertainment is an outrage. It starts out with a simple friend to friend networking(s) and can, but mainly leads to infection nous behaviors that are not suitable for children.
According to Disalvo before long, social networking may be part of every communication tool we use-changing how we interact with one another and in the process, changing us. We as adults have the capability to make our own decision without influences from others, but adolescents on the other hand have a much harder time on deciding what’s the appropriate action or reaction to take. Many adolescents thrive for acceptance; which can lead to dangerous situations without realization of the consequences.
As stated in the article by Disalvo, it is easier for adolescents to interact freely through social media networks then face to face interactions. Studies show that children have more confidence with interacting with others via social media networks versus face to face meetings. (Desalvo, P. 505 ETL.) For example, a 16 year old female may be more likely to post an inappropriate picture of herself in a bathing suit via Facebook witch allows all 300 of her friends the opportunity to analyze the picture and down load the photo if they choose to do so. Versus in a face to face interaction, where she will be less likely to wear her bathing suit in front of all 300 friends.
Although studies show that…


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