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Snakes Research Paper

What is venom? Venom is the toxin used by venomous animals. Venom is nice acted into prey by a bite or a sting. 600 out of the 3,000 snake species are venomous. Eve ere type of snake with venom, has there own specific venom. There are two types of venom, nee routine and honeymoon. Neurotic venom shuts down the nervous system muckraking muscle stop working. Neurotic venom also stop your lungs from pumping which leads t o suffocation. Homoerotic venom shuts down your circulatory system causing clotting come mounds from working correctly. If your clotting compounds stop working, you will bleed out uncontrollably.

However, snake venom also has many healing powers. Southern copperhead snakes carry protein in their venom called contortionist. Contortionist has been tested on mice that have breast cancer. After the testing for two weeks the venom protein reversed the growth of the tumor, so the tumor gets smaller and eventually goes away. The protein also slowed misdiagnoses (the growth of blood vessels that allow the cancer to spread faster). Snakes help halt the spread of lime disease, as well. There are three species of bacteria that carry lime disease, that tend to live in rodents.

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Diseased ticks infect rode ants when they bite hem; then the rodent gets the disease. If a tick that is diseased bites a human n, it would disease the person. Rattlesnakes can help stop the chain of infected ticks. One rattles make kills ticks a year. When a rattlesnake eats a mouse infected with lime d ease, it kills the tick, mouse and the bacteria (essentially destroying the whole disease). Burmese Python Burmese pythons are one of the largest snakes in the world. These snakes ca n get up to 23 Ft. Long. They can also weigh up to 200 pounds. These snakes are really go odd swimmers.

They can hold their breath underwater for 30 minutes without drowning. The y can also survive in saltwater. These snakes are carnivores. They eat small mammals and birds. They kill their prey by constriction. They wrap around their prey and squeeze until the anima al is dead. Then they eat the animal in one swallow. Burmese pythons are originally from Southeast Asia, but some were intention released in Florida. These pet snakes were abused, not taken care Of properly and let go in the wild. In the 1 ass’s, reporters of Burmese pythons began in the Florida Everglade sees. It wasn’t until 2000, that a breeding population was confirmed.

The Everglades National Par k personally have aught and killed 1,825 Burmese pythons since 2000. Ever since the population n of Burmese pythons has risen, the population of the native animals in the Everglades has dropped. Scientists believe the population of some of the native animals have dropped due to the pythons killing them. October 201 3, a 15 Ft Burmese python was found with an 80 pound fee male deer in its stomach. Scientists have found whitetail deer, raccoons, opossums, marsh rabbits & eastern cottontail, bobcats, grey fox & red fox, house cats, house dogs, farm animals a ND birds in the stomachs of these pythons.


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