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Small Groups Communication

The article I found talk’s team effectiveness, project management & group dynamics helps businesses and groups. It explains effective management skills and how to apply them. I this article helpful because of the importance of group dynamics and gives examples on why they are so effective. A summary of the article of team effectiveness, project management & group dynamics. Successful projects must have a respected and effective, management with effective planning skills, and individual project member strengths.

In operations management, such strengths are often viewed predominantly from the perspective of skill base. However, it has become increasingly evident that behavioral traits associated with individuals play a very significant, if not ultimately dominating, role in the effectiveness of certain group projects. Our goal in this research is to look into how certain individual attributes viewed as relevant to these project contexts may lead to social networking decisions that have impacts spanning multiple levels of analysis.

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Such insights are likely to prove valuable to decision makers managing project teams as well. We employ a controlled 4-month investigation of multiple projects, for which we are able to consider both objective, and subjective pre-, in situ, and post project data. Our results demonstrate that the issues of perceived control, confidence, and conscientiousness are relevant not only in driving individual perceptions of the value of within-group interactions, and hence the development of associated ties, but are also ultimately relevant in helping to drive higher levels of group performance.

I believe that the article is correct when it says that the culmination of management skills, planning and individual project member strengths are effective, because like the article mentions, confidence and conscientiousness are good to gain higher levels of group performance. That’s why I recommend this article because if there is not a good performance on a group then the group will never be able to be effective.

And if there is no effectiveness then you cannot accomplish anything and there would be no point for a group because it will fail. I would also recommend this article for someone that is planning to form a group. This will give them an idea of what group dynamics, project management and team effectiveness are about. And it will give them an idea on how to apply each one of them. They can also decide on their own if it is effective or not.


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