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SIP technology

In the given scenario with Fifth Main Bank, the technology that would best fit their needs would be a VoIP system with SIP technology. Prior to SIP, enterprises maintained a separate network infrastructure for telephony and video in parallel to their IT data services. With SIP, the communication and IT network infrastructures become “unified” and both now run over the same corporate intranet using the Internet Protocol (IP). (IBM)
One concern when implementing SIP technology is the network itself. Deployment of SIP for unified communications applications on an enterprise data network results in an additional network load, composed of voice, video, IM and presence. Therefore, adequate capacity planning is needed for the network. It is important that the network is adequately conditioned to accept the stringent quality-of-service requirements of real-time traffic. Since SIP communication will now span a wide range of networks inside and outside the Fifth Main Bank, network management systems need to take into account the new components introduced and take a broad end-to-end perspective. Some network services, such as dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) or DNS will need to be upgraded to handle SIP-related requests. For example, DNS is invoked as part of SIP session setup to discover the SIP proxy server handling a SIP URI. The DNS will now need to store resource records for SIP proxies handling domains and be able to respond to such requests. SIP implementation will also impact network traffic- for example; voice carried as user datagram protocol (UDP) packets encoded in
RTP while SIP messages could be either UDP or TCP. Trunking consolidation will affect telecommunications contracts, and appropriate telecom expense management systems
need to be put in place. A second concern would be the desktop and user interface. End users will invoke SIP services either natively through a VoIP softphone on the desktop, as embedded services within…


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