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SIMPLICITY ‘HTH o, gut din gal knee huh thatch Nikkei’, was the morning cacophony he came across right in his bed. Hugging the pillow under a blanket was something he could give up the world for, but the Hiroshima attacks from his mom did not let him be in bed for a minute more. He threw away the blanket in untold disappointment, and got ready for school. Days started the same way for him. He was a careless rogue in school, or maybe not, but this is what people considered him to be. His dialect was different from the usual beings, which seemed as if cuss words were recently added to the Advantages script.

He was a badness, with a ‘file, which is a gang of similar boys. As age sprinted towards teenage, a few from the group got into relationships in school, a mere act for gaining popularity. But he continued to be the same, as he had to carry an image with him, that made him respectable among his fellowmen. K, let me now name the ‘him’ that I have been blabbering away for so long. His name is Sugar, a mere lad floating in the clouds of expectations of his family. He was the eldest child, with a younger brother names Soon.

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His dad was struggling to make ends meet, as both his boys grew up. So he was eloped by their grandfather, who still had a stable income. Sugar used to stay with his ‘mama’ and attend school. The ‘mama’ was another simple man, with a family of three, his wife ‘mama’, and their two daughters. ‘mama’ proved to be a harbinger of hope in that traditional, conservative family, as he has crossed his limits (according to family) or has broken useless barriers(according to Sugar) as he dared to marry someone of his choice. Mama’, when young, used to date ‘mama’, leaving Sugar with his friends in the common ground, during the Durra Pupas festival. He used to be the middleman in a cosmetic+grocery items business here he picked up goods from a whole sale market to distribute to the retail shops in town. Gross earnings were about ask a month. One sudden day, when Sugar entered school, he saw a new girl in his class, named Jonnie. Jonnie used to roam with her group of three, one of which was Radar, Sugar’s friend Rail’s newfound love.

She was the shy and studious one among all of her group, as the rest often were mostly busy in applying cosmetics. Sugar never used to speak to her, but was attracted strongly. If he had to tell anything, he would elect Radar as the middleman, for a successful conversation. He somehow gathered courage to ask Radar for her number, who was hesitant before, but later agreed and started the usual teasing. It was a Sunday afternoon when Sugar tested Jonnie from his ‘mama’s’ phone for the first time.

It was about 5 years back, so the phone he used was a mere Monika simpleton that dominated Indian markets for ages. He luxury that the phone provided was picture messages, out of which Sugar selected the rose and pressed the sent button. Then came a reply, and chatting began. Minute later, the phone rang. It was a call for ‘mama’. He gave her the phone, confident enough because a woman who didn’t know about SMS would Neff are to open Inbox and peek at his messages. That evening went fine, and HP found that chatting thing to be quite addictive.

Another day, the same thing happened. It was a call for ‘mama’ this time. A ‘mama’ took the phone, and got busy talking, Sugar forgot about the ongoing conversation and got busy in watching W. As ‘mama’ disconnected the call, felt another sudden vibration from the phone. It was a text from Jonnie. As he opened the inbox and read every bit of the little flirts Sugar sent, he grew red in anger. That evening he called out a sort-of meeting in Sugar’s house, where e was kept in the centre, and the other family members of the ‘mama’s’ family, the ‘phi’s’ family sat surrounding him.

They started throwing their usual tantrums and disappointing comments towards love, uttering all nonsense they could, to convince Sugar. Sugar felt a mix of anger, irritation and sadness, as his mother decorated the whole issue with her tears, saying,’mar rear poor are eek ax koori lab Ana, mar soil ball kitchen noon. Encomia swales pallet parole forbad hobo bass'(there is no hope from him, our child is not worthy of it. U will destroy yourself if u fall in the trap of mom stupid girl).

The same round table conference resumed after he was spotted by his uncle friend walking wide Jonnie. A year passed that way. Unsure about Jinni’s feelings, and the daily upheavals of his family, he was irritated to the extent that he went and sake( Jonnie directly. She kept quiet for about half and hour, looking as she woke suddenly from sleep and found herself in the Amazon rainforest’s. Finally whew irritation reached its limits, he asked her once again, and though she was reluctant at first, she said ayes. Results were declared, and he scored 85% in his class X boards. Jonnie score 83%.


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