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Should We Be A Conformist Or A Non

Should we be a conformist? Good morning ladies and gentlemen, the title of today speech is ‘should we be a conformist? ‘ Conformist is means doing things that the way it is defined by perceived limitations include social, physical, mental or execution. And a Hong Kong people, many times it will bring out a question that should we be a conformist or non-conformist when facing the society. Although it is not possible to say what should be and what we shouldn’t be, because we can’t say that conformist or non-conformist have to be wrong.

But as my role, I hind be a non-conformist sometimes is a need. Firstly, as a student in university and an athlete, it really confronts a lot of pressure. This kind Of pressure is come from society. Because athlete in Hong Kong is different to be a professional, also it can’t maintain our livelihood, and actually playing sport or being an athlete need a big cost. For the reason that we need to pay to join competition, buying equipment and sometimes athlete may have injury; injury may lead to pay of physiotherapist.

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So the society majority not encourages being an athlete, I think that even it not a major buy I an still be an non-conformist to strive for doing an athlete. Because as an athlete is my dream and the thing that deserve to be. So being a non- conformist is really a need. Secondly, as a Hong Kong people we always listen the voice talk about the government, sometimes those voice have different opinion. So we need to make a good decision that what we should do, doing a conformist or non- conformist? For an example, in recently time Hong Kong happened a revolution call ‘Umbrella Revolution’ or ‘Occupation Movement’.

In this Umbrella Revolution, it has many students stand out to voice out to reforms to the Hong Kong electoral system. Many people will think revolution is not effect, maybe is a bother action. But sometimes it is a need to be non- conformist to fight for government attention. And if we stand for the point that give respect and do the positive things, then in no doubt there is nothing worst of a non-conformist. In conclusion, being non-conformist sometimes is a need. For the reason that be ourselves and voice out the opinion to fight for the right. With no doubt there is nothing worst of a non-conformist.


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