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Should condoms be issued in schools

After much research on the topic it is only fair to give my opinion. There are numerous reasons for this argument, but I will focus on three major points. I believe the distribution of condoms wills one negate the responsibility of parents, two that sexual intercourse is an adult activity, three it ounce rages sexual activity. With the schools distributing condoms this sole condone and increase sexual intercourse among teens. Parents set standards, good morals and values for teenagers to follow.

Look at the situation carefully, as a parent, would you want your 1 rear old child nagging in sex when the main reason sending them to school is to learn and not about getting condoms and having sex. An article dated October 24, 2011 in Rwanda Secondary school, a parent expressing his dissent about the matter, “ewe should emphasize postponement of sexual activity by encouraging these young people to embrace abstinence. How do I start encouraging my young girls to engage in sexual activity instead of concentrating on their academics? In Jamaica parents are encourage to be primary sex educators with the help of schools to teach them about abstinence rather than to promote it. A survey was carried out in 2002 at a prominent high school. According to the survey 5% of the student ages 13-14 uses condoms, while the other 95% states that it is better ‘skin to skin’. This goes to show that it doesn’t matter if they are given condoms. The fact is they don’t want and will not use them. This leads me to my next point that sexual activity is an adult activity. The age of consent is 16, according to the Law Reform act.

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The need for condoms at such age is unnecessary. Schools teach about underage sexual activities yet they contradict themselves wanting to hand out condoms. Distributing condoms in schools would breach the law of the land which prevents them from having intercourse. Based on the article, in the Gleaner, Clayton Hall argued that ” be acceptable if the intentions were for students to be educated on the proper use of condoms , it would not be good for schools to become dispensaries for condoms as it comes with legal implications. Let me remind you that a school is an institution for learning, good morals and achieving goals, not a clinic for pharmacy. This leads me to my third point, that dispensing condoms in schools encourage sexual activity. Minister Of Education Honorable Ronald Awaits in an article dated Thursday May 1 6, 201 3 that, ‘that schools are not romping shops. Therefore, abstinence must be taught by sex educators and not giving condoms. ” Not convinced? Lees explore. Coating from the Bible, Thessalonians 4:3-4 “For this is the will of God, even your sanctification that ye should abstain from fornication.

Are you aware that this is a Christian country and having sex out of marriage is fornication? It is evident that this issue as caused division among ourselves, but this is proof to come to terms that sigh standards, good morals and the sole purpose of a school is maintained. TRASHCAN CARSICK AGAINST BUSINESS STUDIES COMMUNICATION 1 ASSOCIATE DEGREE MANAGE COLLEGE YEAR I LECTURER: MS CROSBY JOAN STAPLE March 26, 2015 Should Condoms be issued in schools? In 2010 the ministry of Health has introduced a theme call “Condom in Schools,” it was published by the ministry of Education in schools.

The minister at the time concludes that issuing of condom in schools is a distraction for students in many ways, including teenagers are minors and are innocent to sex and the responsibilities that follows. The Ministry of Education also an attempt to convince the reader that condom in schools is a gateway addiction that leads the users to venture into much harder sexual intercourse. I believe that research to support anything can be found if one is looking hard enough. Based on my research and my own personal experience have found that several of these points, when looked at logically, do not reach to their conclusion.

I strongly believe that condom distribution does not promote sex in schools. It is to promote safe sex and reduce extremely high rate of sexually transmitted diseases and teenage pregnancy hat is becoming higher in schools across our beautiful country Jamaica. Have several point that I am going to bring out on this very interesting topic. Firstly, I would rather love to see high schools distribute more condom than completely ignore that fact and quote that some teenagers do have sex end of quote.

According to a survey with the distributing of condoms in school it gives everyone a fair chance how to use condoms. Not everyone can go to a drug store and purchase condoms without feeling embarrassed about it. I quote “if students don’t want to have sex or being pressured by peers the availability of condoms will not lead them into that direction to have more and more sex” end quote. Instead we are seeing an even smaller percentage of parents that engage their teenagers in sex conversations.

Sex is still a taboo subject in many homes and schools, a lot of students don’t received sex education until they are in their late years of schooling , which I think from a personal experience is too late. My opponent may have argued “It’s better late than never,” but for me the earlier the better. Secondly, children are more likely to make mistakes and poor decision. How can we punish them? It was just last month two (2) 14 year old school girls in separate incidents were pregnant and as a result offbeat their lives was cut short by their partners. As I argued on this unforgettable crime.

If those teenagers were exposed and educated fully about the use of condom, they could have been here with us today. It is all good saying that condoms should only be issued under guidance of a sex educator, guidance councilor or parent. This allowed the children of tomorrow to be more educated about the use of condoms. Sharing an advertisement that I like, and I quote “pinch leave an inch and roll” end quote. Though I understand and acknowledge all the points my opponent made I strongly support this claim that teenagers are minors and should allowed to enjoy their teenage lives.

CONCLUSION One of these problems we need to explore is whether condoms should be distributed in schools. Everyone share their own logical belief on the topic. Based on research condoms bridge a huge gap in lowering sexual transmitted disease and teenage pregnancies in schools. When schools that make condoms available to students are compared to similar schools that do not, it becomes clear that students who have access to condoms do not have more ex, but they are more likely to use condoms. These are reasons why it should be available in schools.


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