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Should an Organization Outsource Security

In today’s society more and more businesses are choosing the path of e-commerce due to its many advantages such as breaking barriers like time, language and location. While e-commerce may seem like a paradise in which an organization can do business safely, the reality is very much different. The constant threat of hackers that can attack and compromise the security of your company’s or client’s information is at all-time high. The Wikipedia online encyclopedia defines Information security as “the practice of defending information from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, perusal, inspection, recording or destruction“. At first sight of the problem one would think that your organization’s information would be more secure if you handle security all on your own but the reality is that hackers are increasingly improving the way in which they can be successful and this is perhaps the leading cause for businesses to make the decision to outsource their security because the organization itself perhaps is not capable enough to stop all attacks.
The decision of outsourcing security is one of the most important for your organization but this is not just a yes or no type of decision. An organization first has to determine what areas are most in treat and exactly how much power is the organization willing to give other companies in regards to your information. Certainly it would make an organization feel more secure knowing that other professionals whose primary focus is on your organization’s security but at the end of the day some parts are better to stay within the organization. To begin the exploration of determining whether your organization needs to outsource is it always good to start with a scope that defines what is expected, as a thorough understanding of what is needed to satisfy the organization’s needs, will come in handy when the cost/benefit analysis takes place.
Another aspect in regards to outsourcing security being able…


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