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Section 18 Analysis of Beowulf

Beowulf: Section Eighteen Analysis
Being praised as a mighty warrior, Beowulf, his men, and the Danes sit down in the mead hall feasting, drinking, and mingling. Beowulf has just defeated the ugly and unruly monster Grendel who haunted Herot and the Danes’ great king, Hrothgar. Beowulf is bestowed with many lovely gifts from the Danes such as a mail shirt, golden arm bands, and a beautifully crafted necklace. Seated beside Beowulf is Welthow who makes a grand speech about Beowulf and his defeat of Grendel. “I’ll remember your kindness. Your glory is too great to forget: it will last forever, wherever the earth is surrounded by the sea, the winds’ home, and waves lap at its walls. Be happy for as long as you live!” (1,200-1,225) Welthow speaks on behalf of all the Danes in saying that they are very thankful for Beowulf’s charity and braveness.
As the night grew old, and the Danes and Geats were finished feasting, they sought their beds for a restful sleep in the mead hall. War weapons and armor was kept within each soldiers’ reach as they lay sleeping. This part in the section displays how times in those ancient days were very different to the times of now. “…the hall was filled with helmets hanging near motionless heads; spears stood by their hands, their hammered mail shirts covered their chests. It was the Danes’ custom to be ready for war, wherever they rested, at home or in foreign lands,…” (1,243-1,248) Nowadays, people go to sleep without worrying about wars breaking out or having their house beleaguered.
Another element of literature that this particular section has is alliteration. Alliteration is used throughout Beowulf and creates a certain rhythmic flow to the story. “Higlac had it next, Swerting’s grandson; defending the golden hoard his battle-hard hands had won for him,…” (1,202-1,204) These lines have great alliteration in them as they focus on the “h” sound at the beginning of certain words.
Section eighteen also has…


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