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Scotlandville Research Paper

The area known as Associatively today was once just an isolated rural village n ear Coot’s Bluff. It was named for a cotton planter whose plantation was located near the e Mississippi River. The name Coot’s Bluff was given because most traveling was done by people and freight was exchanged by boat. Sometime soon after the Reconstruction period the area was given its official name. It was then named Associatively, Louisiana. The decision for this was b cause the railroad station to Yahoos and Mississippi Valley was named Scotland.

There was a small I depot located near Scotland Eave. And Scenic Heavy which was the Associatively Branch Post O vice. The U. S. Post Office Contract Station was awarded to the Simms’ Discount pH army in 1986. The pharmacy was the first to be owned by females, Geraldine A. Simms s and Ruby Jean Simms. This was significant because it provided mailing for citizens who didn’t have transportation. Amanda Kelly Mackey lived in Associatively and married Arterial Kelly and Stewart 2 together they opened many businesses such as the Kelly Bus Line.

Amanda as a member of the earliest black families that became a business owner. During the time the Associatively Area had many goals. Their goals were to c instruct churches, schools and businesses. The oldest church in Associatively is Mourn Pilgrim Baptist Church which was built in 1893. Other churches consist of Camphor Memoir United Methodist Church, Allen Chapel Church, Greater Mount Camel Baptist Church, New Light Baptist Church, King David Baptist Church and First Presbyterian Church of Associatively. The first school built in Associatively was Roseland School.

It was named Roseland School beck SE the money used for the school came from the Roseland Fund. The other schools were North and South Associatively, Associatively Junior Senior High School, and Associatively Senior High School in 1960. There were three major factors that contributed to the population growth. TTL e first factor was opening of the Standard Oil Company in 1 909 that was near Southern U perversity on land that is now known as Chippewa Street. The second factor was the recruitment t efforts of Dry. Joseph Samuel Clark who was the founder and first president of Southern Cirri verity.

The third factor was the opening of the University on March 9, 1914. There weren’t a II GE number of citizens in the area before the opening of Southern University. Mainly the pee plea traveled to Associatively on Saturday afternoons to trade, have a good time, a drink or j to mix and mingle with others. On the left of the Y and V Railroad and between the LAIR al d N Railroads, there was no one occupying the space. The streets that are in those spaces e Stilt, Oriole, Snipe, Teal, Simms, Osprey, Kitty, Grebe, part of Swan and Southern Eave.

Stewart 3 According to Belton G. Clark who the son of Dry. Joseph Clark and also preside NT Of Southern university, there was a man by the name of Bacon who was a real e state agent, and was responsible for development of Associatively. He would give anyone that boar deed the trains from New Orleans to Associatively a ticket for a free ride. He would then draw these tickets and give land away to the winners for free. During the beginning of the 194(Yes there WA s birth and growth In majority of subcommittees making up Associatively.

World War II brought different types of growth such as Harding Air Field which was Baton Rouge’s first and only Ar my Airbase which is also present day Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport. While there were schools for grades K 8, there was no high school in existence Associatively Senior High didn’t exist until the eighth graders had to transition to ninth graders. The high school stayed at the junior school until 1961. In 1 960, Associatively H gig School was lilt at its current location 9870 Scotland Eave.

Once they moved the high echo 01 they took their colors of the esteemed black and gold and the buzzing hornet. At this time SC wools were fully segregated. Around 1970, the school became legally desegregated but still re maimed predominantly black. While being a predominantly black school, they had foot ball, basketball and baseball. The community used the sporting events as social events to me et and greet with others. Some years later the community celebrated the year long return to the origin al location on Elm Grove Garden Drive in August of 2004. The Scotland Eave. Action was bee Eng renovated at the time. The renovations were to improve the school. They renovated entrant CE area; they added coverings for the auditorium, gym, the area near the office, between buildings E and F, the area near the cafeteria and etc. There were dons to each building in the school a s well. Once the Stewart 4 school year ended the middle school was closed and the high school returned to the Scotland Eave. Location for the 2005 school year. The desegregation order that took place in 1982 completely changed Scotland divide Senior High.

Associatively Senior High School became an academic magnet SC hollow and Associatively Senior High was changed to Associatively Magnet High School. SST dents that lived in the Associatively area had to be bused to about four or five different school s. Once this had taken place, everything changed. The school colors and mascots were change d. The black and gold hornets became to the silver and blue eagles. The High School for the En gingering Professions was added in 1983 by partnerships with local business and East B atom Rouge Parish School Board.

The High School for Engineering Professions focused on science e and math. As magnet school, the school implemented admission requirements. To enroll in he honors program, a student applicant must have at least a 2. 5 average grade point VA rage and for the engineering a student must have acquired a 3. 0 for the previous five semester RSI. The magnet schools eliminated the sports and entered in scholastic programs. The admit striation turned the football locker room into a dance studio. The school rivaled Baton Rouge High for top academic spots and production of National Merit Scholars.

The engineering program, SST rated off with 80 freshmen that entered and graduated in engineering. In 1 996 the East Baton Rouge School Board changed the desegregation plans . Although Associatively Magnet High School remained a magnet school, they added an a attendance zone which had the effect of bringing the community students back to the school. T hey allowed the magnet program to remain at the school and they also allowed the sport prop rams that were missed dearly by the community to return. After the change, the magnet Enron Ailment dropped and Stewart 5 only 307 students were enrolled in the program.

East Baton Rouge Parish Such 001 Board felt that the magnet program was in jeopardy because the number of students enroll Eng was dropping each year. The community felt that with the sports back in the school, it would alp bring in students that wanted to play football and be in the magnet program as well. Over time, the silver and blue eagles were changed back to the black and gold hornets. The new principal was Mary Unmans, who was a resident of Associatively an d a graduate of 1963. The students that attend the school were from the comma unity while to hers still came to the school for the programs.

The programs that are now offered include Engineer inning, Magnet, Government Affairs, business, and Center Of Excellence (COKE). The sports eve r time has expanded as well. Sports include but are not limited to: football, basketball, b seeable, swimming, cheerleaders dancing, bowling and track. Later, Mr.. Howard Davis became the e principal. Howard was a graduate from Associatively in 1964. In 2009, he was forced out from being principal at Associatively because he wasn’t monitoring the secretary. A few ye ears later, East Baton Rouge Parish School Board appointed Mr..

Howard Davis as principle be cause the school had went through at least five principles. Associatively has been through a lot adding up to today. Associatively has bee n through changes that have been both positive and some not so very positive. The echo 01 started off as a immunity school and then was changed to a magnet school. Once a magnet school it was changed back to a community school but kept the magnet program. The posit vie from this is that it offers the magnet courses for those that want to enroll in them.

The negative e is that with the community and the magnet school together, the magnet students are viewed as if they behave the same as others. Stewart 6 When Associatively first opened they were all segregated and the sports were on played against other black schools. Costliness’s biggest rival in football and basket ball was McKinley High. The rivalry hasn’t changed over the years; it just has gotten MO re serious. When Associatively was an academic school, the rival was Baton Rouge Magnet High . The rivalry changed with the changing of the school because of what the main focus had become (the sports).

The violence has had a significant impact on the school more so now than it did back then. When Associatively is mentioned to others, they frown up because the vi lioncel is more known than programs offered. Former hornets of Associatively have mixed feelings about their school. When mentioning Associatively around them, they become all excited to know that we go to their Alma Mater. They are also happy that the sports are back and excelling greatly. Who en they see the school on the news or hear about negatives things that happened, they become me very disappointed.

On the other hand, the students that graduate from the all magnet school fee I left out and unwanted. They feel that they are treated unfairly. They feel just because they are not hornets, they should be treated the same way. They had nothing to do with the changing Eng of the school colors and mascot. The hornets today are nonchalant about the school. The s school has such a bad reputation today that they only worry about walking across the stage to Bette their lives. Although Associatively High School and community has changed, there are m ore changes that are still needed.


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