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Science Vs. Religion

The Positive and Negative repercussions of
Religious involvement in Modern American Politicsby )00000000
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In the following work by River Clark, the positive and negative attributes of Religious involvement in politics will be explained. Clark will touch on several important and controversial topics such as; Historical Examples, Proposed LAws, Moral Disposition, and the difference between popular opinion and proper morality. He evaluates several key sources to conclude the thesis that Religion is not a collectively positive attribute of American Politics, and explains how and why religion’s involvement should be limited to the democratic voting system, rather than giving Religion a special place in the political spectrum.
My paper is an expository work based on key issues with involving religious involvement in Modern Politics. Some of the lesser informed could possibly vote for things not in the best interest of America, and in turn, strengthen the place religion currently holds in our current political system today. My paper aims to inform the uneducated public of the wrongs and the rights of religious power in the american political system. Out political system has slowly evolved to the point of intense individual involvement. This means that regardless your personal beliefs or disbelief, the political establishment will enforce itself on you. There is no way to stop political involvement, however we can strengthen its points and methods by voting for increased mortality within the involvement. In my paper, you’ll be able to read of both positive and negative aspect of each side of this argument, with very little bias involved. You will learn things about the political system that will change the way you spend your vote each year.
Religion’s position in Modern Politics: The Wrongs and Rights
Section I
In the following paper, I will discuss the various positive and…


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