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School Captaincy Speech

Good morning to everyone here today. For those who do not know me, I am _______ and it is my aim to convince you, my fellow students, to vote for me as ________school captain. Throughout my years at _______ I have participated in numerous extracurricular activities which have advanced my skills and uniquely positioned me as an ideal School Captain candidate. Leadership. Through Debating and being a committee member in our schools Interact club I have developed advanced leadership skills, learning how to negotiate between two differing opinions and take charge of tasks, both skills that are essential for a school captain to initiate change.

Humility. By participating in several community service projects I have learnt humility, how not to be flamboyant in the way I conduct myself, which makes me approachable by both students and teachers. After all, what good is a school captain people are too scared to even talk to? Networking. On occasions when I have represented our school at functions and meetings, I have learnt how to interact and network with those in respected positions. This is another key skill a school captain must have in order to present our school in a positive light as well as develop relationships with influential stakeholders in our extended community.

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Dedication. Through all of these endeavours I have displayed that I listen to the needs and desires of my peers, and I will not rest until those same needs and desires are met 100 percent, I will put all of my effort into achieving results. I do not have past experience in the Student Representative Council, but that does not make me a less worthy candidate. In many ways, it makes me a better option for School Captain. I am a fresh face with new ideas that could become reality as part of the SRC. These include; 1. A polling system to decide what types of fundraisers are used for raising money for our school.

By having a say students will be more likely to engage in fundraising, enjoying it and raising more money. If we are going to raise money, let’s have an awesome time too! 2. Creative environmental policies for our school, including more recycling bins for students to take advantage of as a minimum. Let’s leave a legacy so in 5 years time people will look back on the class of 2012, as the first grade to opt for environmental concern. 3. Make it so that decisions which affect students are not made exclusively by the SRC. Lets’ revolutionise the model and open up for sharing of ideas amongst those in our school community as ell as those from other schools SRC. Everyone has great ideas and it takes a great leader to listen, share and act upon them. A school captain of ________ needs to be a responsible and motivated student who will represent our school with pride at community functions as well as inside the school grounds. A captain is someone who shows both commitment and initiative and is willing to put others before themselves, working with the members of SRC to make the school a better place. The captain is a role model that can relate to students, understand their needs, and as leader of the SRC can guide and direct them.

The captain is a proud representative who is devoted to the school, the teachers and the students. He or She will lead by example as a conscientious student, and considerate and passionate individual. I believe that I am a student who possesses all these qualities and would take the role of school captain as a role for excellence, striving for the best for the school. As a highly motivated and hard-working achiever, I am ready to take on challenges with enthusiasm and would look forward to all tasks as a school captain, from public speaking at community functions, to talking with a year 7 student who needs support.

I would be genuinely honoured to be the School Captain chosen by my peers and teachers. I recognise the high standards set by previous Captains and I vow to uphold this tradition by representing our school community with pride. I can assure you that I will be a school captain completely committed to our fantastic school, I will never stop trying to make mine and others goals and dreams for __________ come true. For, I wholeheartedly believe that this is an amazing school to be at and we, the students together can MAKE IT GREAT. Once again, my name is _________ and I urge you to vote for me as the _________ captain. Thank you.


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