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Robert Scott Dickson
March 6, 2013 When deciding this assignment I researched Responsibility project films, your answers come up with more than one film. At first I said, oh I’ll just pick one and write about it. I watched one and it did not catch my attention at all, I can’t write about that so I kept searching and I stumbled across one called the Prodigy. I read the comments on it and said this could work. I watched it the first time and was so In shock that I didn’t really pay attention to the details, so I watched it again, but this time made my jaw drop and changed my view on situations.
In the movie it says that the world they live in is separated by two roads that hang over them, they live in Mississippi. Both of these roads are the way to New Orleans. Isaiah is the youngest boy in the film he is also the narrator of this film and the story is told from his point of view.
In this film you see how the social and ethical principles take over a community a community that is in poverty. The reason it’s important to see this side of the film is because you see how people struggle in life. In the film Isaiah father is a trash man for the city, and Isaiah always rode along with his dad to help. Then right after work they would go work on basketball till dark and train. At the begging you think that they are just bonding together, but toward the end of the film you see that his dad was training him for college so he could get a scholarship and get out of that town. As they walk home from the courts at night you hear Isaiah say that their neighborhood has all of the things a city had, their local pharmacy, local police station, and local’s in general. Little did the boy know that was all drugs.
The problem was Isaiah was a great basketball player, but his true passion was playing the trumpet, and in the film you see his grandfather sneak him out to let him play at venues and share his abilities with others. Now…


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