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Schindlers List Review

lSchindler’s List Movie Review Essay
“Schindler’s List,” opens with no historical background. We are simply in the middle of the war against the Jews. Why were the Nazi so popular? How did they come to power? How was fascism defeated? All of these questions are silenced. Instead, we meet Schindler: Nazi-about to be a hero. 
He was an early volunteer to the fascist movement. He was a Nazi profiteer, never needing to be dragged along. Against the film’s claim, “The list is the ultimate good,” not all of “Schindler’s Jews” were survivors. In one SS sweep, Schindler turned over 700 of them. They were sent to a death camp and killed. This created openings on the famous list. Desperate victims had to bribe their way onto it, paying the accountant Stern. The central belief of the survivors in the film, get on the list and get saved, “the list is life,” is not true. It is clear that for “his” Jews, Schindler created not only competition when collective resistance was key, but also a false sense of shelter which, separated them from potential allies making effective mass resistance less possible. 
Schindler did not become a list-maker, until after the battle of Stalingrad, when every thinking German knew defeat was at hand. Schindler did not begin to act in earnest until matters were even more desperate for the Nazis, mid-1944, after Nazi Field-Marshall Rommel had committed suicide. At war’s end, Schindler, disguised as a concentration camp victim and accompanied by friends, fled west fearing arrest by the Soviets. He continued his degenerate womanizing alcoholic life, made yearly trips to Israel to collect accolades and demand money, and died in 1974. At least some of “his” Jews felt the loss of another Nazi was no loss at all.
The film was banned in much of the Middle East and repeatedly attacked in Israel, or that the maker of the profound film, “Shoah,” denounced both Spielberg and his movie. “Shoah’s,” Claude Lanzmann believes Spielberg deliberately miss-portrays…


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