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Schindlers List Paper

Yet as Steven Spielberg, directed this film he used three different means to enact imagery in the audiences mind, to portray how truly wretched, devastating, and demoralizing it was for over six million Jewish people to have been given an undeserved, and murderous death. This three menageries are as follows: 1) Documentary film creation Via black and white screening, 2) the use of specific instruments to enable the audience to grasp the true sadness of those horrifying moments, and 3) The use of actual on site filming to depict the realism, over the tragedy of the terror that occurred inside the incarceration camps.

In this film, it begins by taking the audience into a Jewish families home, during the hours of Shabby, also known as the Sabbath Day. The movie portrays this to show how in Jewish home’s tradition, and the sacredness of family, and their beliefs are kept strong even when life’s events take a turn for the worse, and at times even costing some their lives. Spielberg, as he wrote this film chose to use black and white screening, because he wanted the audience to see the story as if it were an actual documentary into the lives, ND homes of the Jewish people, during the events of the holocaust.

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However, he also chose to use this imagery, because it shows it opens the eyes of the audience to how loving Oscar Schneider was to these people. He spent millions of dollars, to keep his factory running as long as it would protect the lives of those on his list and keep them out of the chambers. Through this it is realized that the List he created still stands today as a benchmark in the Jewish society, on how one mans courageous actions, changed the outcome for Jewish generations to come.

Secondly Spielberg, used specific instruments such as the violin throughout the film, to enable an essence of utmost sadness for the hurt, the pain, and the vast amounts of death, that was placed upon the lives of the six million people, including the lives of one and half million children who gave their lives unknowingly, and unwillingly, all because one mans vendetta of an inferior race, and world domination.

Lastly Spielberg, unlike many directors desired, to take this film, to a completely new viewpoint of cinema, and emotion by filming on the sites, where the actual events occurred. Through each of these menageries, Chandler’s List created a rule sad movie, that opens the eyes of all who see it, to the true events, and the millions of deaths, and most of all to the sacrifice that we all should be willing to give in our lives just as Oscar Schneider did to save the ones he most loved, and cherished.

Also through this film we should be able to one day be able to ask ourselves the same question Schneider did by saying, “How many more could I have saved,” or “If I could ‘eve just saved one more. ” We ask this question through defining what it is we value to save in our lives, even through the many things that we as Americans take for granted, in our opportunities, freedoms, and privileges, that has been paid for in hero’s blood.


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