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Rube Goldberg research paper

Some people prefer the simple; those people did not include a Mister Ruben Goldberg. Rube Goldberg was once a person, but is now a legacy. Now people all over the world create complex machines do perform meaningless tasks. Ever since the early sass’s Rube Goldberg has continued to wowed us with his comic situations and political ideas. Today almost everyone knows what a “Rube Goldberg machine” is, and contests scatter the globe with men and women trying to create the most elaborate, simple machine. Throughout the twentieth century Rube Goldberg has influenced the world’s perception of humble technology.

Rube didn’t start out as a crazy cartoonist. He was originally an engineer for the City of San Francisco Water and Sewers Department, and he designed one of the largest sewer systems in the United States. When he was finished with his work with the sewers he switched to a job with the sports department of a San Francisco newspaper. Seems like a big move, but he wasn’t done yet. He began to submit drawings and cartoons to the editor. The editor denied him. He continued to send in his drawings until one of his zany drawings was finally published (George). People seemed interested in his cartoons.

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The more his cartoons were published the more people liked him. He grew more and more popular. Soon the entire world knew his name. The more popular he became the more his cartoons became in demand, and for his cartoons he won the Pulitzer Prize in 1 948 for the best editorial cartoon, his “Peace Today,” a warning against atomic weapons (Copra), and as a result grew and grew in popularity until he became an American legend. Our next topic is the Olympics, the early Olympics are a bit foggy, but it is mainly accepted by the scientific and historic community that it started around 776 B.

C. , and ended around 393 A. D. (Olympic fun facts) It was later banned for being a pagan festival. It was then restarted in 1896 in Athens, Greece (Kindnesses). Since then it has grown in popularity. Now countries all over the world compete in this competition. It is held every four years, and gives medals out to top competitors. The U. S holds the record for most gold medals with 47 at host, Greece, and most overall medals with 2,189 (Olympic fun facts). The sport I picked was shot put. It is a simple sport, and so it was my job to make it complex.


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