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Ronald Reagan Biography: Crusader for Democracy

Reagan: Crusader for Democracy On Monday, March 30th, 1981, President Ronald Reagan was shot. Having just delivered a speech at the Washington D.C. Hilton, and while departing the hotel on foot, President Reagan was fired upon by John Hinckley, Jr. Six shots rang out, hitting the Press Secretary, a police officer, a Secret Service agent, and the President himself. The bullet that hit President Reagan first ricocheted off his limousine before breaking his rib and piercing his left lung. During his recovery, President Reagan showed courage and even humor, which changed many people’s views about him. They saw that he could joke about almost being killed, and began to see him as friendly, genuine, and genial. Growing popular sympathy showed up in the polls, as his popularity increased. Such popularity also helped his administration pass a number of bills he authored and sent to Congress. President Ronald Reagan was truly a very influential person in history and arguably one of the most important presidents of the twentieth century, even of all of American history. The world would be a much worse place today if it were not for his strong passion for democracy and his unwavering belief in limited government. This fervor, coupled with unflinching commitment, brought about the Fall of Communism in 1989, as well as a stronger, more prosperous American economy. This essay will address President Reagan’s life before presidency, his personal influences, his actions, the impact those actions had, and what some historians have said about President Reagan. Ronald Reagan was born on February 6, 1911 at home, in Tampico, Illinois. As a young boy, his father, John Edward Reagan, moved the family often in search for work. Nicknamed “Dutch” by his father, Ronald was a good student in school, and was very active in sports, especially football. After high school, “Dutch” went to Eureka College on a partial football scholarship and also worked for the dean. Reagan’s talent for…


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