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Roman Fever Irony

For a story that is based upon irony it has become very difficult to choose the most ironic part of the story, but i would have to say that the most ironic part is when Alida Slade writes a letter to Grace Ansley telling her to meet Delphin Slade (Alida’s fiance) at the Coleseum for a romantic meeting. The setup for this scene occurs when Alida tells the story of her great Aunt who sent her younger sister out at night to gather a rare night blooming flower, when in fact she sent her out because she wants to be with the man that they both loved. The younger sister dies and the aunt and her suitor are free to be together. This is ironic because history seens to repeat its self when Alida writes the letter to Grace hoping for the same result. She wants Grace to become sick so she is out of the way of her marriage. All of these years Alida believed that her trick had worked because Grace became sick shortly after going to the Coloseum, but what she does not know is that Grace had written a letter back to Delphin telling him that she would see him there. So, Grace went to the Coloseum where she met him. The reason i chose this is because this sets up so much more in the story, Grace gets married soon after because she is pregnant to a total stranger, Alida believes that she is superior because she thinks she has gotten rid of Grace. In actuality Alida has given Grace the only thing she wanted, to be with Delphin and have his child.


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