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Richard Nixon

Richard Millhouse Nixon, our 37th President of the United States was born on January 9, 1913 on Yorba Linda California. Nixon attended different elementary schools trough out Yorba Linda, Whittier, and Fullerton. In high school Nixon played football, and he also got into debating. After high school Nixon attended Whittier Collage, where he became president of the student body and also won many debating awards. When he graduated Whittier collage in 1934, he received a scholarship to Duke University School of Law. At Duke, Nixon was elected president of the student law association and won election to the Order of the Coif. When he graduated he ranked third in a class of 44 students. After graduating from Duke Nixon was having a hard time finding a job, since the great depression had just ended. He tried to joint the FBI and a law firm in New York. He later returned home and found a job in a small firm. He also meet his future wife Patricia. In January 1942, Nixon joined the Navy as an ensign. Three years later he got promoted to lieutenant commander. Nixon’s rise to presidency began in 1936, just after he got out of the navy. He went against democrat Jerry Voorhis, and Nixon won the election after saying that Voorhis was a Communist. As a representative, Nixon
worked on the Marshall Plan, and also help write the Taft-Hartley act. In 1948 he was again reelected to the House. Two years later Nixon ran for US Senator against Helen Gahagan Douglas. Nixon won the election by 700,000 votes. In the 1952 election, Richard Nixon was running as Vice President with Dwight D. Eisenhower. There was a dispute over some money, and Nixon was asked to withdraw from the campaign. After a speech he gave, Nixon was once aging in the campaign. Eisenhower and Nixon won the election. Nixon handled the White House’s business with very ease, after the President suffered from a stroke. As Vice president Nixon traveled to every single continent except Antarctica, he was booed and stoned by Communist in Peru, in Venezuela his car window got smashed. In 1960, Nixon ran for president against JFK. It was one of the closest elections in history. Nixon lost by 114,673 popular votes. In 1962, Nixon ran for Governor of California and lost to Edmund G. Brown. Nixon once aging got nominated to run for President. His opponent this time was Hubert H. Humphrey. They both promised to make peace with Vietnam. Richard Nixon won the election and became our 37th President. Nixons main foreign exchange policy was to end the Vietnam war. On 1969 Nixon began holding troops back. In 1972 Nixon blocked Vietnam’s food supply from the Soviet Union. Nixon also order their state capital to get bombed. Later congress ordered the bombing to stop. Another foreign exchange policy was to reopen trading with China. China and the United States hadn’t trade since 1953 during the Korean war. In 1972 Richard Nixon and Leonid I. Brezhnev, leader of the Soviet Union’s Communist party meet and signed a contract to limit the production of nuclear weapons. The Soviet Union also begun to buy wheat from the United States. Among Nixon’s domestic plans that failed were, money that should be given to needy families with children, and a plan in which federal government should share tax money with state and local governments. Nixon also helped decrease inflation by regulating the rent wages and stop salary increases. Richard Nixons failures include the dramatic inflation rise of 1973. Inflation went up 8.8 %. This was nothing compared to the Watergate scandal. Nixon was accused of holding evidence from court. Apparently the evidence were some tapes of him that could lead to the prosecution of the Watergate break in. Nixon was then impeached. After retiring Nixon spend most of the time paling golf, he also wrote many books, including The Memoirs of Richard Nixon. Nixon was buried with his wife near the house were he was born in.

Ronald Reagen was born n February 6, 1911, in Tampico Illinois. Ronald Regain didn’t come from a wealthy family, I realize now that we were poor, but I didn’t know it at the time. his dad was a shoemaker, and his mom was a homemaker. Ronald Regain also had one brother.
Ronald’s mom liked acting, that is how Reagen became interested in acting at a very early age. Ronald Reagen was very active in High School, he played Football, Basketball, joined the track and swimming team, and was also elected president of the student council. After High School, Reagen didn’t enroll in any big university, he went to Eureka Collage. In collage, Regain played football, also joined the track team, and became the captain in swimming. He was also in a couple of school plays, and became president of the student body. Reagen graduated with a degree in economics and sociology. After collage Reagen work as a sport announcer in Des Moines Iowa. When traveling to California to report on the spring training for the Chicago Cubs, Regain got a contract from WB. As an actor Regain played many roles including, a radio announcer, a collage football player, a cowboy and many more. In total, Regain came out in bout 50 films. Regain first got married in 1940 to actress Jane Wyman, They had one kid and adopted another. Their marriage only lasted eight years. Reign’s second marriage was in 1951, to Nancy Davis. They had two children. Reign’s rise to presidency begun in 1948 when he campaign with Harry Truman. When Regain became more famous in the political world was in 1964 when he gave a speech targeting high taxes, crime rate, wasteful government spending and welfare cost. Regain Became Governor of California in 1966 when he defeated Edmund Brown a Democratic. As Governor Regain began to stop hiring state employees, and slowed the government spending money. Instead of lowering taxes, Regain gave three tax raises, one which was the higest in history. In 1970, Regain got reelected as Governor, and served until 1975. Reign’s campaign for president took off in 1976, but lost to President Carter. Regain had a comeback and won the next presidential election to Jimmy Carter. He won a second term in 1984 to Walter Mondale. Regain first test as president was to live up to his promises, so his first domestic issue was to put a stop to inflation, and keep businesses moving again. His first step to achieve this goal was to have a tax cut, and reduce welfare and unemployment programs. None of that worked, and the country went trough a recession. Congress had to once aging raise taxes. This is when he began to get criticized by many people. Blacks criticized him because he cut all the social security programs, and they taught he was being racist, the rich people criticized him for raising taxes, woman criticized because they said there wasn’t enough woman in government jobs, and environmental people criticized him because they said he wasn’t doing much about saving the wildlife. In Reign’s first administration he didn’t really do much in foreign affairs. All Regain did was to build up the military. He supplied Westerner Europe with nuclear weapons. He also gave arms to the government of El Salvador and to rebels in Nicaragua. Regain also attempted to stop the fighting in Lebanon. Reign’s second administration tried to deal with the high deficit the United States had. It was 200 billion dollars, after lowering tax for individuals and raising taxes for corporations, the deficit was down to 148 billion by the end of 1987. As for foreign affairs, Regain meet with the leader of Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev, they both signed an agreement to end all ground launched nuclear missiles with ranges of 310-3420 miles. They also discussed several education, scientific, and cultural changes. He got involved in issues to stop terrorism, but it wasn’t anything big. They once again supplied Nicaragua with weapons, and helped out Iran too. Their trading ended when Iranians shot an US warship and killed 37 Americans. In 1988, the United States shot a plane down caring 290 innocent Iranian people. In my opinion, Regain didn’t do much about domestic or foreign affairs. All he did was raise and lower taxes, and as for foreign affairs he just got involved in different conflicts.

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