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Research Paper: Writing Plan

Everything you mention in your Outline/Paper, you need to preview in the introduction. It’s quite possible your introduction will be the longest paragraph in the entire paper. ) Writing the Introduction An introduction should do two things: The first part should say something interesting, surprising, or important about the subject to gain the reader’s attention. The second part should identify the thesis of your research (the thesis is usually the last sentence of an introduction paragraph). Here are some ideas to use for the introduction: Start with a revealing story or quotation

Give important background information Offer a series of interesting or surprising facts Provide important definitions State a reason for choosing this subject An example Introduction Paragraph: Since the 1 9305, he has been a staple of comic book stores and super hero lovers. Unlike many of his counterparts he cannot fly, does not have super strength, nor can he shoot lasers from his eyes, but Batman still manages to provide protection for the citizens of Gotcha City. Created in 1939, the caped crusader has gone from simple images on a page to a mega-million dollar lackluster film franchise.

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Batman has been played by countless famous actors, and this of course means Bruce Wayne, Batman’s alter-ego, has been played by those same celebrities. Rooted in Bruce Wane’s past, and funded by his multi-billion dollar corporation, Batman is able to take to the air, land, and sea to keep the Gotcha City streets free of crime and corruption. However, without the bankroll of Mr.. Wayne, Batman would be nothing. It is through Bruce Wayne that Batman is able to finance what truly makes him a hero; his utility belt, his car, and his secret hideout.

By using his utility belt, Batman is able to fight crime on the scene, and he is also able to move through Gotcha in a flash to reach the crime scene by driving his famous Bat-mobile, but he would not have the capabilities of finding crime at all if it weren’t for the technological prowess of his Bat-cave. For decades Batman has captivated audiences and turned America’s eyes towards the possibilities of technology and crime-fighting. Thanks to Batman, American Culture has developed hope, entertainment, and heroism when faced with sorrow and loss.


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