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Others feel that it is far too dangerous to lower the drinking age and the results would be disastrous. There are many arguments presented for both sides of this argument. Despite the arguments for lowering the drinking age, there is a lot of research that proves it would be a negative action. The legal drinking age in the United States should not be lowered to 18 because more drunk driving accidents would occur, adults are more mentally mature at 21 years of age, and students still in high school would be allowed to buy alcohol, resulting in even more underage drinking.

II. More drunk driving accidents a. When the drinking age was lowered during the Vietnam War, there was a sharp increase in vehicle accidents (Smith 1). B. Drunk driving accidents have steadily increased over the last 25 years (Wilson 1). C. The cost of insurance will go up because of more car accidents, resulting in more economic trouble for the US. Ill. Adults are more mentally mature at 21 years of age a. Studies of the brain show a large amount of growth between ages 18-21 (Wassermann 43). B.

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Males are still very immature at 18 and do need reach full mental maturity until their mid-ass (Boyd and Jasper 2). C. At 21 , people make better decisions. Many are close to finishing up college or have been working for a few years, so they have better judgment. IV. High schools students would be allowed to by alcohol. A. Many high school seniors are 18 years old and have friends in younger grades. B. Eighty percent of 21 year olds admit to purchasing alcohol for younger friends (Blamer 5). Eighteen year olds would probably do this too. C.

Alcohol would be easily available to high school students. V. Conclusion a. Many people debate whether or not the drinking age should be lowered. While many feel that it should be lowered, the evidence is overwhelming that changing the drinking age to 1 8 would be an extremely dangerous decision.


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