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One example is that McDonald’s used to have supervised fries and drinks. The super sized fries and drinks had many calories causing one meal to have as many calories as three meals. The second example is that the burgers are so large that they have way too many calories. The burgers are too large therefore causing too many calories, causing more fat. The third example is that there are too many desserts. In fast food restaurants there are many different desserts that many people buy that add even more calories to the massive calories the buyer already gained from their meals.

All in all, portions are way too big and fast food restaurants need to cut down their portions in order to stop obesity. The second reason for obesity is the meals are too calorie filled. One example is that a fast food burger can have Non hundred to eight hundred calories each. That amount of calories even for one meal a day can cause someone to become over weight, if it was a regular meal in his/her diet. The second example is that fast food salads are sprayed with sugar raising the taste level but also the calories. Salads being sprayed with sugar make them taste better, but they turn salad into a healthy choice to a bad choice.

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The third example is the dressing on the salads. The dressings on the salads are very thick and have lots of crabs in them causing the salads to be even worse for the body. In conclusion fast food meals, indeed, have too many calories and play a major role in the United States, becoming one of the fattest countries in the world. The third example is that there are too many fast food locations in the United States. The first example is that there are fifty thousand fast DOD restaurants in the Lignite States alone( Ann Petrologic).

Because of the many fast food restaurants in the United States, it is easy for people to get to them, causing more fatness. The second example is that there are more McDonald’s in the united States than any other country, which every fattening. McDonald’s has the fat-filled meals out of all the fast food chains so the United States has a better chance of more people being fat. The third example is that there are two hundred fast food restaurants on average per city, which means more eating fast food and more calories causing fatter(

Poses, Susanne). To sum up, more fast food chains in the world causes more obesity, causing the Lignite States to have more fat people A good number of Americans are the right amount of weight, but most Americans are over weight and/or obese. The main reasons are the portions of fast food meals are too large, fast food meals are too calorie filled, and too many fast food restaurants in the United States. In all the research, the data can conclude that for most Americans fast food restaurants do help the chances of being over weight.


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