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The cover up stories were apparently created by a woman named Anne Godparents, a member of the CIA station in Mexico City. E. “The first cover story was that the Acacia’s tapes of the phone calls had been erased before the assassination. The second cover Story was that the CIA did not realize Oswald had visited the Cuban consulate until they looked into the matter after the assassination” (Newman, Oswald, the CIA, and Mexico City) F. The CIA kept trying to hide the fact that they had any connection with Oswald.

G. “CIA headquarters made the decision soon after the assassination to deny that anyone within the CIA -? including the Mexico station -? knew of Oswald visits to the Cuban consulate until after Jiff’s murder” (Newman, Oswald and the CIA 355) H. As one can see, Lee Harvey Oswald may have en a co-conspirator with the CIA. IV. Cuban/Fidel Castro Body Paragraph A. Lee Harvey Oswald may have been involved with the Fidel Castro and the Cubans in the assassination of President John F.

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Kennedy because it was during a time of downfall between the United States and Cuba B. At first Oswald was anti-Castro but when he got fired from his job as a machinery greaser, a few months later he changed his mind. Oswald decided to favor Castro and was a fan of communism in Cuba. C. “Figure in a Pro-Castro group is charged” (Hill) D. Oswald, who was pro Cuba, was against the Bay of Pigs Invasion that occurred during April of 1 961. E. Oswald was part of the Fair play for Cuba Committee (FPC), this committee opposed the Bay of Pigs Invasion (Swanson, 20).

F. Because Oswald was communist and supported Castro he wasn’t opposed to the Cuban Missile Crisis G. One can clearly deduce that Lee Harvey Oswald may have been a co-conspirator with Fidel Castro V. Conclusion A. Lee Harvey Oswald worked with the Soviet Union, the CIA, or the Cubans/ Castro to kill President John F. Kennedy. B. Lee Harvey Oswald visit to the Soviet Union, Oswald story getting covered up by the CIA Oswald support or Castro and communism prove that Oswald was a co-conspirator with either, the Soviet union, the CIA, or Castro/Cuba.

C. Robert Dealer stated “HOW could possibly someone as inconsequential as Oswald have killed someone as consequential as Kennedy? ” This quote is showing how Oswald isn’t intelligent enough to kill the President of the United States on his own. D. Americans all over the United States should now start to believe that Lee Harvey Oswald did not work alone, Oswald was part of conspiracy in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.


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