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In order to determine longitude, you need an accurate clock so you can tell from the position of the sun and a table where you are. An accurate clock was not available for early navigators. 3. What two devices helped navigation become more accurate? Explain. Chart and compass because you could find which direction you were going and if you had an accurate time you could determine longitude but we didn’t so the chart and compass made leaps 4. Which way do lines of latitude run and what do they measure?

Latitude lines run horizontal or parallel Latitude lines are a numerical way to measure how far north or south of the equator a place is located. The equator is the starting point for measuring latitude– that’s why it’s marked as O degrees latitude. The number of latitude degrees will be larger the further away from the equator the place is located, all the way up to 90 degrees latitude at the poles. Latitude locations are given as degrees North or _ degrees South. They measure north and south 5.

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Which way do meridians run and what do they measure? Meridians run up and down vertically they measure east and west 6. How far is it from your hometown to Sarasota, Florida, our point of origin for our journey? 1 ,520. 85 miles from florida to Colorado 7. What is the exact location of your town using latitude and longitude? 8. Latitude 39. 094840 9. Longitude -104. 879490 10. List two real life situations in which an exact position, determined down to the seconds of latitude and longitude, would be important.


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