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Research paper outline

Compare and contrast these two articles The first article ‘ivy the brain prefers paper? ” is about why people should use magazines, books or any other type of reading papers to read instead of reading on screens. In effects, it has been proven by many researchers and scientists that reading on papers is more advantageous than reading on screens. Compared with papers, screens may drain more our mental resources while we are reading and make it a little harder to remember what e read when we are done.

For example according to a passage in the article scrolling which requires readers to consciously focus on both the text and how they are moving it drains more mental resources than turning or clicking a page. While in the second article “Given tablets but no teachers, Ethiopians children teach themselves. ” Nicholas Negatron, the author and also founder of one laptop per child describes experiments involving children in Ethiopia at MIT Technology reviews Me tech conference.

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In effects, Negatron talks about how they used Zoom tablets to see if illiterate kids with no previous exposure to written words could learn how to read by themselves. After the early observations, Negatron said that the early results are promising because the kids were able to do unexpected things like singing BBC songs and even figure out the camera and hack android. Therefore, digital technologies are not as useless as the first article want us to 2/ How do you feel about these articles? Ink that there is a true part in both articles. First of all, I will rather read on a paper than read on a screen. I feel more focus while reading a magazine or a paper than reading something on a computer or any other digital technologies.


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