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Research Paper on the Motivations of Alcohol Consumption

I seek to find if the stresses of balancing academics and athletics, pressure to perform, and adapting to social change effect the rate in which Division I college athletes consume alcohol compared to their non-athlete peers? Ultimately, I hypothesize from experience there to be a significant difference in the proportion of athletes who consume alcohol in comparison to both the average college student and students affiliated in Greek life. Furthermore, I believe this difference in proportion may be major attributed to the high commitment that comes with being a student-athlete.

Research on alcohol use among athletes and non-athletes is vital in order to understand why the abuse Of alcohol is on the sis around college campuses all over the nation. These two concepts are related because there may be a significant difference between athlete’s alcohol consumption and their non- athlete peers that is imperative to analyze. I want to know if the differences stem from personal motivations or if environments, for example Greek Life, play the predominant role among college students alcohol consumption.

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Furthermore, within the population of college students, researchers have identified the subpopulation of college athletes as being at an increased risk for heavier alcohol consumption, binge drinking, and drinking-related active consequences (Anderson, Albrecht, McCrea Hough, ; McGraw). Based on these findings, I set out to explore what the determining factors are that could possibly make college athletes more at risk for alcohol consumption and binge drinking than their non-athlete peers.

Literature Review: After analyzing several research articles I found many Alcohol Camp h/ mudpack r m: Less relevant studies that enhanced my knowledge of alcohol cons college students, which really benefited my research. The if? found pertaining to my topic was an article done by three doc Southern Illinois University. The journal is title, “College Facto Drinking” and it seeks to examine the aspects of collegiate kneel influence drinking, rather than student characteristics.

The re and results: “Method: A literature review of articles prior within the last 10 years, along with some earlier “landmark’ SST collegiate drinking in the United States, was conducted to date institutional factors that influence the consumption of alcohol Several factors have been shown to relate to drinking: (1 ) organ property variables of campuses, including affiliations (historic institutions, women’s institutions), presence of a Greek systems – or 4-year designation; (2) physical and behavioral property ‘ campuses, including type of residence, institution size, location of heavy episodic drinking; and (3) campus community proper including pricing and availability and outlet density. ” The overall message behind this research a that there exists undeniable evidence that college students all drink often and many who drink to harmful levels. Furthermore shows there is consistent information regarding the negative of drinking and that there are also differences relating to ho and Greek organization affiliation. Alcohol-Related Injury Among Greek-Let Students”, (O’Brien, 2013) The from the Journal of Health Claps investigated the hypothesis that members of Greek-letter socio heaviest drinkers on college campuses, and experience more problems than their peers.


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