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Research paper on Secondary School Teaching

After seeing the influence casher have on others, did not have a doubt in my mind what wanted to do when grew up. Its one of the most powerful professions a person can go into and more people should consider going into teaching and look into searching information about teaching. A secondary teacher is qualified to teach seventh through twelfth grade at middle schools, junior highs, and high schools. They usually specialize in one subject, such as English, science, social studies, math, and art.

Teaching involves giving lectures, showing films, or slides, and also involves giving presentations, discussions, and debates Career). They normally teach five or six different groups of students for an hour or so at a time. There is normally an hour set aside for these teachers to have a prep or conference hour during the school day. Their goal is to help the students understand and specialize in the subject they are teaching. Secondary school teachers may also be responsible for providing career guidance, help with job placement, and following up with students after they graduate Secondary’ Campus).

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Teachers not only have to work at school for 7 hours a day, but also have to work outside the classroom getting their lassoer and lesson plans ready for each day. Teachers must find the best way to set their classrooms up to have the students learn best. They can set up the students’ desks or tables in any way they think is appropriate for a good learning environment. Teachers must also consider what an appropriate way to decorate their classrooms is. They can put up posters, personal pictures, calendars, and other decorations that fit their personal styles.

Teachers can make a classroom map to help students guide around the classroom (Maguire 159). This map would let them know where books, lassoer supplies, and classroom equipment are located. This would help students and the teacher stay organized. Classroom management is a big part of teaching and varies based on the teacher’s teaching style. Teachers need to come up with different management styles such as disciplinary actions, ways to develop relationships with their students, and group management to get students to interact with one another and create different ways to actively learn.

A big part of managing a classroom is managing the way the teacher interacts with the students, their parents, fellow employees, and administrators. The authors of Careers Internet Database say “parental involvement is an important factor in how students learn” (Career). Teachers have parent teacher conferences throughout the year, allow parents to communicate with them via email, and send home letters to the parents of their students. Having the parents involved and interacting in their child’s education will help that child succeed further in their schooling career.

In order for teachers to be qualified to teach, they must go through the correct schooling. All 50 states and the District of Columbia require teachers to have a bachelor’s degree and to have employed an accredited teacher-training program (“Secondary” Ferguson). After receiving a bachelor’s degree, teachers are required and encouraged to get involved in student teaching. This is not only required, but it is a good way for teachers to get a feel of what teaching is like from the teacher’s prospective rather than a student’s perspective.

Student teaching will give real life experience and help from a knowledgeable teacher before getting a teaching job on their own. Teachers should not stop at a bachelor’s degree; majoring in the subject that is desired to teach will also benefit a future coacher. Depending on the school that is hiring, a master’s degree could also be mandatory for the job (“Secondary’ Campus). Teachers do need personal qualifications as well as these schooling qualifications. They must have respect for students, parents, fellow teachers, and administrators.

They also need to be personable; they need to be someone students can talk to comfortably and get along with well. Teachers should also be aware that they are role models for their students (“Secondary’ Ferguson). They need to understand that the students are looking up to them and going to them for audience so being a good example for the students is extremely important. The people Of counterexamples. Com say “Applicant’s testing for a teacher’s license will be tested in subjects such as reading writing, and teaching and some states are implementing performance-based testing as Campus).

This test is important in a teacher’s career because it determines whether they are qualified to be a teacher or not. There are certain schools, such as private schools, which do not require a teacher’s license and simply ask for the teacher to have a bachelor’s degree. But by having a teachers license, teachers are more desirable and will get erred more easily. After obtaining their teaching license and getting a job, a teacher considers their salary. Starting out, teachers would most likely be getting paid very little, ranging from $34,600 to $82,000.

The average pay for a secondary teacher is around $52,200 (“Secondary” Campus). This pay is based on nine months fork out of the year. The salary of a teacher is also based on where they are doing their teaching. Charter school teachers tend to make less money than public school teachers and private school teachers tend to make more money than public school teachers. This is something to consider hen choosing which school to begin your teaching career. Teachers can also look to join a union, which helps determine things such as earnings, benefits, retirement, and hours (“Secondary” Ferguson).

Salaries can also be based on previous teaching experiences and how much schooling the teacher has completed. Teachers also have additional opportunities to earn money through the school. Ferguson Career Guidance Center suggests teachers do other things such as tutoring, sponsoring a club, or other extracurricular activities (“Secondary” Ferguson). Another way to earn extra money while caching is coaching which is something plan on looking into when start teaching. There is a great time commitment involved in coaching, and its something the teacher really has to love in order to do it.

But if the teacher has a love for the game, the time to do it, and the wanting to make the kids better student-athletes, coaching is a great way to make additional money and impact the students’ lives. In order to get these desired teaching jobs, future teachers must consider where they want to look to find their job. The outlook for teachers is greatly varied based on geographic areas. While still desired in the East and North, teachers are greatly desired in the South and in the West. Those teachers who are willing to relocate and move around in order to find a teaching job are more likely to find one (“Secondary” Careers).

The job outlook in Michigan for secondary teachers is not the greatest compared to other states, but more inner city schools are looking for teachers. Those teachers who are looking to find a job in small neighborhoods or suburban areas will possibly have to look at relocating in order to find their specific desired teaching position. Men also have an easier mime looking for teaching jobs because they are more desirable to hire than women, making it more challenging and competitive to find a job for a woman.

Getting hired is also based on the subject being taught (“Secondary’ Ferguson). Schools kick at what subjects the teacher is qualified for before they hire and also look at the languages the teacher speaks. Teachers that are bilingual are very attractive for school districts based on the location of the school. The job outlooks for teaching is not the best in our current state at this time, but if a teacher is willing to move around, their chances of being erred will greatly improve.


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