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Research paper marijuana

The use of marijuana should be legalized nationally. “History tells us before 1937 marijuana was freely bought, sold, grown and smoked in the United States “(Rich, Alex). But because of some peoples reaction to the drug it was classified as illegal drug in 1970. (Google). This has made the campaign for the use marijuana medicinally very difficult even though some pharmaceutical research has proven this fact. Alcohol is such a more addictive drug than marijuana it causes alcoholism hat causes accidents and also is a factor in some abuse case.

Coco Cola a drug that contains coke has been drunk over the years by many citizens and with its high levels of sugar that is a factor that can cause diabetes. Prescription Drugs all have side effects, which can sometimes be unbearable to some patients so unbearable they don’t even, take their medications Marijuana has been tested by Nuvilex Pharmaceutical the study has soon shrinkage in some of the tumors.

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