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Research Paper Fad Diets

It got to the mint where I had to change my life and I was the only person that could do that. In my journey off healthier life, I tried several fad diets. I did what the fad diet told me to do and to my surprise, I lost weight. Thought it was a miracle because the diet did not require me to eat that many vegetables. A few weeks later, did not lose weight, but had gained weight instead and felt worse than I ever felt before. Could not comprehend what was happening and stopped that fad diet before anything worse happened.

After a little bit of research, found out a little bit more information on the diet I was pursuing ND found myself with a question wanted answered. Why is it bad for Adolescences to be on these fad diets to live a healthier life? A Fad diet is like any other diet, but does not work like one. Basically, it becomes popular in a group of people like teenagers, but then becomes unpopular just as quick. Some people choose these types of diets because other people are doing it and its working for them, so they think it should for them as well. Then they realize it does not work and quit right away.

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These fad diets try everything they can to lure adolescents to their gimmick and make false promises to hem. For example, these diets would guarantee that when they start their diet, they will lose twelve pounds in two weeks. Bole from Natural News identifies that “the dieting fad industry takes advantage of people wanting to look and feel better, and who are willing to try anything if it helps them lose weight. ” Teens are blinded by these false guarantees and get sucked into these fad diets to face the unhealthy results. Very few Adolescents understand the truth of all the fad diets out there and what kind of toll it can take on them.

My personal experience is not even the tip of the iceberg on owe negatively it can affect ones life. The big guys in the fad diet industry think they can fool us with false promises and success, but I know it is just a scam to gain some sort of recognition and money. There are also many other experiences of teens that try out famous fad diets and found out for themselves what kind of results they really get. The youth Of America who are trying to become healthy for good should know that fad diets are not the way to live that better life and they should know all the malicious things fad diets can do.

Every expertise illuminates that fad diets are not the best diets out here and can cause dangerous life choices, but there is a lighter side to a fad diet. Teens have a state of mind that being on a diet is difficult work and a lot of time that they do not have. One president of a successful health product company that created the Wholly. Rood 48-Hour Miracle Diet has the answer for these troubled teens. The Sunset Health Company is a leader in developing naturally-based weight loss health products and has created a drink that is packed with all the nutrients one needs for a day.

Larry Turner, President of Sunset Health Products, boasts that “our customers really love repeating the Hollywood 48-Hour Miracle Diet and many of them asked if we would create a one-day version,” (Hollywood Diet) making their slogan: lose five pounds in twenty-four hours. The youth of America only needs to consume these drinks per day to lose weight. The drink is delicious and very convenient for a teen that does not have time to exercise or have the time to eat healthy. It sounds too good to be true, but for some people, that’s all it takes to lure people to this popular fad diet.

The teens do not know that these kinds of diets can actually damage your health as a result. The human body is a complicated biological life form that lives and grows like everything does. Through time, the human body grows as usual, but there is a healthy way of doing it or choosing an unhealthy alternative. As a teenager, they hit puberty and the food they eat correlates with their growth. If one does not gain all their nutrients, then it will complicate the growing process of the body. Dry.

Jennifer Idea points out that “[unhealthy] weight loss in children and adolescents is dangerous because it may compromise the full growth potential, particularly bone growth and bone density. ” The youth goes not notice this difference in their body until it is too late, all due to the fact that they were on a fad diet. Some diets restrict foods that people should eat like Only consuming lean meat, which is not good for a teenager. F-amyl_AS fad diets take out essential nutrients from foods that are needed for the body. A famous fad diet that is used would be Atkins’ diet.

This particular diet drastically reduces the consumption of scars. The the person eats more protein and fat, which makes the body naturally lose weight by burning stored body fat more efficiently. The Atkins diet has its own food products which are sent to the customer with an individual plan to help them lose weight with their products. Teens get caught up with the fact of only eating protein will get the body they want with this diet. Sounds easy enough, but there is a big drawback to this diet because Tim Crower illuminates that it does initiate a long-term weight loss, but only a short-term.

It will also increase “kidney and cancer risk if [the] diet [is] not kept varied” (Crower 4). The youth Of America try to find the easiest way to lose or gain weight and choose the diet with the most success. Several of these adolescents will not do the accessory research of these diets and will cause them to get that increase in cancer. Desperation becomes a key factor to the adolescent’s decision to be on the fad diets and anything that makes promises of losing or gaining weight quickly, they will try without any hesitation.

The promise of losing weight as fast as possible is a dream-come-true to teens all around America. An advertisement of losing fifteen pounds in two weeks is sweet music to a teen who wants to lose weight and these promises are what lure adolescents to several fad diets. The youth does not know the true price of losing those fifteen pounds really is. Madeline Van quotes nutritionist Judy Pent who reveals that “fad diets are the parachute pants of nutrition” and “usually these diets are popular only for a short time, a season or at most a few years, then become unpopular or even laughable when the new fad comes along. Every nutritionist and weight loss veteran knows that the fifteen pounds they lose is just water weight, which comes back as soon as they stop the fad diet. The diet might work for the short-term, but will not work for the long-term. This promise is a gimmick and “as each new ‘lose weight fast’ gimmick comes along, some people forget about the negatives associated with most fad diets from a lack of nutritional value to food restrictions that are hard to live with” (Van). For the growing body of that adolescent, it is unhealthy to restrict the foods they eat because of all the different nutrients they need for their body.

The youth of America just needs to do some research on the diet they are partaking in and consult with a doctor to see if that diet is the right choice. Although, this not the case, and all around America teens go on these fad diets and experience failure or worse. There are many cases were teens try out certain diets to no success and are tuck with their unhealthy self. They try every fad diet possible with the same unchanging results. They also experience physical fatigue and other symptoms from trying out different fad diets.

Amanda Classes enlightens one particular case about a teen named Max. Max tried fad diet after fad diet with no real opportunity to maintain any consistence weight loss. Classes discerns that Max was in a “constant battle with light-headiness, fainting episodes, and midday fatigue,” which is a result from the inconsistent weight loss and gain mixed with exercise. The fad diets he tried out did not give him enough tourists for replenishing muscle glycogen, which is just muscle energy. When Max put the right nutrients in his body, he lost the weight and did not experience any bad symptoms.

It is this small difference of adjusting their diet that teens can make that will make them achieve any weight goal they have. It was dangerous how Max did not take in the right nutrients and experience the symptoms he did. He was smart to do some research about the fad diet and did not give into anymore health gimmicks There are also some cases were adolescents think they are on the right diet, but find out that they are not doing the right thing after all. Erik Schwartz illuminates a similar situation with a patient she had that was experiencing some body issues.

Samaritan was a twelve-year-old athlete who experienced constant fatigue and did not get her period at that time. Cantata’s parents said she was eating right and other healthy factors did not affect her, like her sleeping pattern. Schwartz clarifies that “Samaritan was a perfect example of poor eating habits [because] the regular meals she ate, while high in protein, did not contain enough complex carbohydrates”. Erik Schwartz diagnosed her with the problem and Samaritan changed her diet immediately. As a result, her period came back and experienced no fatigue in anything she did because she added complex carbohydrates or, sugar for energy.

A little factor like not enough consumption of scars can cause fatigue and other bodily problems. A fad diet can cause several problems like these because they restrict certain foods and cause a loss of valuable nutrients. It is not difficult to figure out what diets are good and bad for adolescents to undertake. It is true that fad diets can cause a change in health, but not quite what a teen would expect. Fad diets can cause serious health issues if the teen does not now what they are getting themselves into.


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