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Research paper Divorce Bill

This issue might be so popular; any had already talked about this but it still important for us to know more about this. Why should divorce bill not to be passed? Many people think that this bill would be the answer for the problems of many families here in the Philippines, but did they think that divorce bill would be the cause of the growth of the broken families. What would be the effect of this bill to the families, especially to the child? This is the reason why we chose this sensitive topic. We wanted to tackle about it and talks about what would be its effect to everyone. Would it for the good of all or only for the sake of some people?

I. EFFECTS TO THE SOCIETY I’m not in favor that Divorce will be legalized in the Philippines. I believe it’s illegal and against the law of God. Philippine is a Christian culture country and we are the largest Christian culture of all Asia. Don’t like Divorce at all and it has many disadvantages, of course Divorce ends your marriage that invests nothing at end, Divorce cost money and hurts children and also it changes personal relationships. Many people might just don’t know the real importance of marriage even before planning of the wedding. Many of are very religious and follow the strict rules.

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We Filipinos believe that marriage is a sacred in the eyes of God. Divorce is not the solution to the problems of many couple having their difficulties, they should put in their mind that they should save the relationship. They both promise in front of God that they will be as one in dealing life through ups and downs. We should see the other side of the situation and not be selfish. Children are the number one reason to keep the family together and bravely face all the problems. We should stand as the last standing country that did not legalized divorce and fight our dignity as a Filipino and as a person.

Divorce hurts children. We probably know that, by and large, children of ivories parents are more likely than other children to suffer one or more of several difficulties, including depression, delinquency, low school performance, and social problems. The key question, of course, is whether these problems stem from the divorce or from other factors that tend to show up often with divorce. We don’t have a clear-cut answer. Divorce reduces living standards. Divorce usually results in WV households where there was one of the household before.

And since most people don’t have extra money lying around for living expenses, it usually means two households living on the same money that supported one household before. And that means that at least one bayou, probably both of you, will be living on a lower standard after you divorce than you have in the past. You’ll most likely need to watch your budget like never before. Marriage is a social union or legal contract between two people that create kinship. To choose a good partner, we must decide a million times so that in the end we will not put in a situation that needs a divorce because absolutely it can affect the children.

Love of the family is the Filipino cultural identity. Family is very important and we should not give the evil an opportunity to story our gift of life which is our family. Hope that many people realized the true essence of having a family. I will end up this with my deep and brief thought that in time of test, Family still is the best. As have said earlier, we are a Christian culture country; if you fear the Lord and his commands, there is no way that you will agree on divorce. This is not what God wants. As simple as it is.

Even if some pastor and theologians quantify it as a “necessary amputation” as far as remember what my American Theology professor said, I would say that divorce is divorce, and God hates it. It was only men who want it, not God. It is not the answer to the growing violence against women and children. Most divorce advocates gives emphasis on the growing children and women abuse. But I really do not see it as a solution for these problems. In fact it extends to the growing problem of immorality and sexually related diseases and problems such as unwanted pregnancies and sexually related diseases.

And I believe that you will agree with me that these problems are a threat to women, children and even family. But why? Simply because people were given the so-called choice and chance to change while the fact is, it is where the so-called “rights” is abused. It is where many people make use of the right and abuse it for their own self- centered selfish quest for happiness and will only bring them to the same situation again and again and again. That’s why you will see people divorced not just once, nor twice, but multiple times. It gives a wider path to domestic problems.

As mentioned earlier this right has proven to be easily abused. And we are not actually giving people a solution to their problems, but a chance to repeat the same mistakes. Divorce is like a medicine but an unrecompensed one. For example, there is an abusive husband who has been divorced by his fife. This husband will then just look for another woman to abuse. While the woman if she’s the one having some problems, she will just look for another guy and if things will not get well, all she has to do is to apply again for divorce. Ridiculous isn’t it? It is just a picture of FREEDOM TO TRY MARRIAGE.

It gives a wider path for immorality and marital infidelity. Immorality. I guess this is not so much “in” nowadays. Its something that most people don’t want to talk about except those that are of the religious sectors and religious people. I hate to say this but the Philippines have a steep moral degradation ND that is why most of these divorce proponents put forward a SILLY SOLUTION for various problems. LEGALIZING DIVORCE BILL SURVEY Legalizing Divorce Bill QUESTION(s): YES! NO! 1. Have you heard this Bill before? 9 2. Should the Philippines pass a Divorce bill? 6 3. Do you think passing this Bill will affect you? 7 3 4. Do you believe that Divorce bill would be helpful? 5. Does this Bill would affect young mind? 8 2 6. Senator Pip Cetacean has said, “The divorce bill is long overdue because We prefer not to touch issues that we regard sensitive and personal. ” Do you agree? 7. Does Divorce is the solution for marriage problems? . Do you believe that the government should prioritize this bill? SUMMARY OF SURVEY: Based on the data that we had gathered for question number 1 which is “Have you heard this Bill before? Results: 90% of our ten respondents were familiar about the bill that we presented. It means that most of teenagers right now were socially active or many teenagers are now aware on what is happening in our country. On question number 2 which is “Should the Philippines pass a Divorce bill? Of our respondents do not want that Divorce Bill be passed and 40% wants it to be passed. Results in majority do not agree for this bill to be eased, in relation with our culture most especially our religion which is Catholicism most of the respondents are conservatives, they do not like any changes that may affect their culture.

Third question was “Do you think passing this Bill will affect you? ” most of the respondents or 70% of them do believe that there will be an effect to them if this bill will be passed. The reason was of course they think that it will change their culture, in what they do believe in. In this case we may compare it to saying “noting can separate two entities joined or united by God” if it will be passed all of this will be change or amend. The date result from our forth question which is “Do you believe that Divorce bill would be helpful? Is 60% agreeing that it will be helpful and 40% not be helpful. Our respondents still do believe that this bill will be helpful even though they are not in favor legalizing it. For the reason was it will really help the couple having trouble, yet many things will affected that’s why they were not in favor in divorce. Next question was “Does this Bill would affect young mind? ” and majority of our respondents agree that it will affect young mind. That’s why we should enlighten them on what is really happening because oftener young minds hey might got lost or think wrong on what is happening.

We all know that young minds are very sensitive and they need somebody to explain everything. Our next question is a statement from Senator Pip Cetacean “The divorce bill is long overdue because we prefer not to touch issues that we regard sensitive and personal. Do you agree? ” and 80% of our respondents agreed to what Pip Cetacean has said. Because also them they are very sensitive to this issue, they don’t want just look on the issue but they also want to make a move. They looked onto it serious and personal. Then on question number 7 which is “Does Divorce is the solution for arraign problems? Only 40% believe that this bill is the solution for marriage problems. They do believe that it is not the only way to resolve their problems or misunderstanding. And also when divorce will be on their first list they might end up to nothing. Lastly for question number 8 “Do you believe that the government should prioritize this bill? ” 70% said no and 30% said yes. Meaning most of the respondents does not want that this bill be prioritize by the government because they believe that there more important things to be main concern like heath care, education and the safety of the citizens here in the


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