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Research Paper Basic Requirements

Differences and Similarities between 101 0/1 01/102 and 2010/1020 It is to be hoped that the end product on this course demonstrates a more sophisticated piece Of writing reflecting the student’s journey through the processes of rhetoric; In the earlier courses the instructor sets the assignments; in 1 020 it’s the task of the student to select a topic for research; As before the paper has to be focused on a debatable issue; The paper requires a thesis statement as per usual, revolving around three main key ideas, complete with introduction and conclusion.

A background paragraph may be placed after the introduction. Do not labor for too long on the background paragraph: it is not a key area to be graded. A counter argument paragraph may also be placed in a suitable position if required; Students are graded as according to the quality of their analysis and debate; NOT according to factual information they may transmit from their sources through their paper. Starting and Finding a Focus Determining Purpose. Why am I writing? What is the underlying purpose or aim of this piece of writing?

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Analyzing Audience. For whom am I writing, and what will my readers expect? Generating Ideas. Have used journal writing, free writing, brainstorming mapping, journalist’s questions, and prompts to get started, generate ideas, and get involved with the assignment? Narrowing the topic. Have I moved from subject to topic to question, and have I formed manageable question that can lead me to a thesis? Thesis. Do I have a thesis statement that expresses my perspective on the topic? From Subject to Thesis The Thesis Statement What is a thesis statement?

The thesis statement is a debatable statement, which, hopefully, should capture the very essence of the research search paper in a single or to three grammatically well-formed sentences. Look at it like this: The thesis statement can be said to be the “DNA” of the essay; the outline or organizational plan is like the skeleton; and the main body is the body. The thesis statement can be expanded into 2,500 words to create the research paper, and conversely, the research paper can be contracted into a single sentence to form the thesis statement.

A good thesis does the following: 1 . Narrows your topic to a single main idea thou want to communicate; 2. Asserts your position clearly and firmly; 3. Expresses your opinion or attitude towards your topic; 4. Makes a generalization that can be supported by details, facts, and examples within the assigned limitations of time and space; 5. Stimulates curiosity and interest in readers and prompts them to think, Why do you say that? ” and read on. Types of Thesis Statement 1 .

A strong controversial statement: Despite legislation guaranteeing equality, women are still discriminated against in the workplace. 2. A call to action: Japan should strengthen its anti-Yakima laws. 3. A question that will be answered in the essay: What lessons can developing nations learn from Japan? They can discover how to implement a successful economic model, ensure a degree of social stability, and establish a political consensus. 4. A preview or forecast Of the Structure of the essay.


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