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Research Paper about Lockers

We really appreciate their presence because without them, we would not be able to improve our research paper. Last but not the least, is our loving and forgiving heavenly Father for giving us knowledge, wisdom and a lot of things we need to make for the completion Of this research possible. Introduction Most students nowadays prefer to do things in haste and in the easiest way, not thinking the consequences they could bring. During schooldays, students prefer to use sling bags instead of using backpacks. That is why they come to the point that they demand a locker, so they can secure their valuables at school.

Through this, students would either gain or lose trust to others when leaving their things in their own lockers, not knowing what might happen when they are not around. On the other hand, they would also develop a sense of responsibility in maintaining the cleanliness and security of their own gadgets and school paraphernalia entrusted to them. Lockers are designed for the security of valuable things they often bring at school. Lockers in International Christian School of Dave [ACIDS] are being criticized by both students and teachers not knowing that this facility could change meson’s perspective.

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Statement of the Problem The main purpose of this research is to help the students know the significance of a simple storage box they call as locker. This one significant locker can be the source of mode in their studies. The following questions must be answered after conducting the research: 1 . Why locker is considered important? 2. What are the suggestions or demands for the improvement of lockers? Objectives of the Research TO determine the importance Of lockers for students To know the students’ opinion regarding the improvement of lockers Significance of the Research

This research will help the problem of students through high percentage of having back and neck pains. In addition, this will also reduce the chances of students leaving their learning tools at home. Scopes and Limitations This research focuses on the gathered data based from the answers of all students in International Christian School of Dave who use lockers. This also focuses on the significance of locker and why it is considered as an important matter to be discussed. Definition of Terms 1 . Locker – normally quite narrow, of varying heights and tier arrangements.

It is usually equipped with a lock. It is usually intended for the short or long term private use of individuals for storing clothing or other personal items 2. Self storage – an industry in which storage space such as room or locker is rented to tenants, usually on a short-term basis Review of Related Literature Lockers are usually a small storage component customarily shaped as a rectangle and is metal, which simply designed for leaving stuffs with security. Usually, it’s a single tier or two tiers. Every locker is never without its padlock or lock combinations.

Lockers are usually placed besides the hallway and are found together with the other lockers in the row. Crisp, 2011) In the busy schedule of students due to their projects, assignments, or seat works, lockers are absolutely a necessity for most of them. It is also a very good place to stock valuable stuffs (mostly cellular phones, gadgets, lunches, extra money, emergency shirts, and other school stuffs) because they can get the privacy and security they want depending on how they use it and how they organize it.

Most schools usually managed to set the number of lockers depending on the total student population they are expecting or they need, and is usually more affordable depending on its size but most likely pending on the school’s finance management. (Proponents, 2013) Some students agreed that, locker is important and provided some known benefits in having them. However, the opposing party said locker is not necessary to have and provided its disadvantages.

Here some of those explanations given: Disadvantages of Having a Locker Cannot refer on the Books at home while it’s left on the locker Leaving books on the school locker is not a very good thing to do. Students won’t be able to refer on their books for assignments and obviously wont be able to study some lessons ahead of time, which most likely causes them to ratiocinate. (Chelsea, 2007) Get in the crowd during dismissal time Instead of going directly to their classrooms or going straight home, they still need to go to their locker with the other students who are also busy with their lockers or just people talking in the hallway.

This might also cause students or even teachers from being late to their classes. (Chelsea, 2007) Problems with the Locks Students always encounter this kind of issue because of misplacing their keys or forgetting their password combinations. This would be a pain in the neck especially when your lock is very hard to be pick or jam. Chelsea, 2007) Foods Left behind will Spoil Some students still left their lunch boxes (if they bring one) in their lockers. They find it disturbing or think it might be a bother if they bring it around all day.

Bad thing is there’s a possibility they might left it or forgot about it which causes the food to spoil and might create mold and smells in the hallway especially leftovers. (Chelsea, 2007) Can be Stored for some Illegal Objects Teenagers these days, especially boys, tend to think that being a goon makes them look cooler. And about most of them brings deadly or prohibited weapons or objects in school. These objects includes: guns, knife, mini tool kit, illegal drugs, pornography materials, and other things related to it.

In United States, the National Education Association (NEE) is performing locker searches every weekend to ensure the safeness of all the students and school staffs. It was to make sure everything in the locker is not harmful or not against the rules and regulations of NEE and the school itself. However, in Philippines, there are no known policies or regulation about things to be considered in having a locker. (Cornell, 2013) Advantages in Having a Locker Doesn’t need to carry heavy bags Children and teenagers should not carry backpacks which weigh about more than 15% of their respective body weights.

It can affect the movement of our spines and may cause musculoskeletal problems that the books students carry are getting thicker which means getting heavier. In this situation, it Will be a great idea in considering locker as an important thing students must have. (Patella, 2013) Won’t leave the books at home The students have a locker does not mean they do not need to bring their books at home. It is much better to bring those books you just really need so you will just have lighter things to carry in the next school day.

Also, in leaving those others books at your locker, at least would not forgot to bring your book when there are surprise activities, readings or seawater. (Patella, 2013) Safe Storage Everything you have on your locker is only safe when you protected it with a durable lock. Lockers are the only known safest place in where the students can put their things when they are in school, especially when bringing things such as musical instruments, props, and other equipment you really need. Though, this would only work on bigger lockers.

Which means the school should consider the size of the lockers basing on the programs and different lubes which needed some individual equipment. (Patella, 2013) Developing Responsibilities Everything a student put in his/her locker is all the students’ responsibility, on how to keep the lockers safe and how to maintain it. By having a locker, a student will be able to develop his/her responsibilities in things such as organizing, memorizing the password combination or keeping in-mind in bringing the key, and being a able to manage him/herself in. This teaches students about social responsibility and etiquette. Spineless, 2013) Time Management Managing time is very important especially in the student’s education. One just manage time, never waste it, and make plans for something that is relevant to the future. Just like in having a locker, the students need to manage their time on taking and putting books back in forth in their lockers after every class or breaks. This will prevent them from being late. (Spineless, 2013) Heavy Bags Children and teenagers are still in the developing stage of their body. It is advisable that if possible, only 15% percent of our body should be the limit of the things we carry.

Counterpart would cause injuries to the body. These injuries include back pains, neck pains, shoulder strain, and general exhaustion. Patella, 201 3) Larger Lockers Most students in every institution demand a larger locker in which the things they mostly use in school wouldn’t need an extra space in their classroom. This would let them bring heavy or large necessary things in school. This would also let them have personal things in their locker too. However, this would take up space in school on which is only limited. Also, smaller locker sizes are intended to limit the students from being Irresponsible for their lockers. Kevin, 201 1) Locker Searches Teenagers these days can be very violent. We never know that they have been bringing illegal items to their schools. There are already guilty students that have been found bringing illegal items at school such as guns, illegal drugs, and other deadly weapons; which merely means that this Locker Search policy is very helpful and needed in every school. Locker Searches is scheduled every month in school, assigned persons were tasked to perform an investigation in each lockers in a school and makes sure there are no illegal things inside it. Logic 1 005 “School Locker Use and Locker Searches” which is signed last November 20, 2004 and first implemented by the Yukon Education Public School Branch and now spreading across the world. It is not, over, yet implemented in the Philippines and there is also no known policy or law against freedom use of lockers. (Moore, 2004) Data Gathering All of the ACIDS high school students who rent a locker were asked to answer the 8 questions we formulated. This was to know their opinions and thoughts about the main topic of this research. 1. For you, what is the advantage of having a locker?

Body would not suffer for carrying lots of stuffs Stuffs would not be left at home and would come in handy when needed during classes Organize the personal space with your own stuff 2. For you, what is the disadvantage of having a locker? Cannot study when books are left at school people can break into it and steal your stuffs Provides a place in keeping concealed weapons and other illegal materials 3. What stuff do you generally put in the locker? Books – Clothes 4. Do you feel that the things in your locker are secured? Yes – No 5. Does the locker’s price fit its size? . Is the locker expensive or affordable? – Affordable Expensive 7. Is there anything you want to suggest for the improvement of the lockers? Bigger locker that fit with its price- Affordable price – Bigger lockers 8. What is your main purpose of having a locker? Reduce weight Of baggage Safe storage – personal space Interpretation of Data 1. For you, what is the advantage of having a locker? Based from the survey conducted, 12% or 6 out of 50 persons believe that an advantage in using a locker is being able to organize the personal space with their own stuffs. 4% or 12 out of 50 persons believe that another advantage in using a locker is that their stuffs would not be left at home and would come in handy when needed during classes. A 64% or 32 out of 50 persons, which is the majority of the students who were surveyed, believe that using a locker would not let their body suffer from carrying lots of stuffs which may cause jack and neck pains. Based from the survey conducted, 6% or 3 out of 50 persons believe that a disadvantage in using a locker is that it provides a place in keeping concealed weapons and other illegal materials. 8% or 14 out of 50 persons believe that another disadvantage in using a locker is the tendency that people can break into the lockers and steal their stuffs. A 66% or 33 out of 50 persons, which is the majority of the students who were surveyed, doubt to have a locker for it can be a cause for students not to be able to study because of the tendency that their books would be left inside the locker. 3. What stuff do you generally put in your locker? Based from the survey conducted, 4% or 2 out of 50 persons put clothes inside their lockers.

On the other hand, 96% or 48 out of 50 persons put books inside their lockers so that they may lessen their baggage when going to school. Based from the survey conducted, 40% or 20 out of 50 persons feel that their things in the locker are not secured since some of the lockers do not have locks. On the contrary, 60% or 30 out of 50 persons believe that the things in their locker are absolutely secured. Based from the survey conducted, 24% or 12 out of 50 persons believe that he locker’s price just fits its size.

On the other hand, 76% or 38 out of 50 persons believe that the lockers price does not fit its size because the price is totally expensive, but the lockers space is too small. Based from the survey conducted, 24% or 12 out of 50 persons find the lockers affordable while 76% or 38 out of 50 persons find the lockers expensive to be used for only one school year. Based from the survey conducted, 6% or 3 out of 50 persons want to have bigger lockers because they want to have single or double tier lockers. 34% o 17 out of 50 persons want to have lockers with affordable price.

Lastly, 60% or 0 out of 50 persons want to have both bigger and affordable lockers. 8. What is your main purpose of having a locker? Based from the survey conducted, 12% or 6 out of 50 persons wanted to have a locker for personal space which is used to keep all their materials needed at school. 28% or 14 out of 50 persons wanted to have a locker for safe storage. A 60% or 30 out of 50 person, which is the majority of the students who were surveyed, wanted to have a locker to reduce the weight of baggage that may cause misalignments of bones, back and neck pains.

Conclusion Most of the students in ACIDS think that locker is absolutely important because t provides personal space for each student. In addition, it would lessen back and neck pains caused by carrying heavy baggage. However, the students suggest that changes should be pertaining to the lockers. First, the students demand for a bigger locker so that they would be able to put things such as musical instruments, props and sports equipments in it. Second, the students demand for much affordable price that fit with the locker’s size which means the price should be acceptable with its own size.

Third, the students demand that each locker should have a lock so that they would be able to use their lockers for the entire school year. The consideration and implementation of this research will be based only with the administration’s decision. Recommendation Having a bigger locker with reasonable price should be implemented. Two tier lockers are merely enough. There should also be a lock in each locker, provided by the school. However, the school should also be more aware Of the things students put inside their lockers to avoid bringing of concealed weapons and other illegal materials.


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