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The paper would compare different and important aspects associated with the gun control. The proponents of gun control believe that the exercise of gun control would result in minimized crimes whereas the opponents consider the activity of gun control as going against the civil liberties of the citizens of United States of America. Introduction This paper intends to talk about gun control. With the ever increasing criminal activities and terrorism; the private ownership of guns and weapons has become a routine phenomenon.

People have started believing that the government agencies, police department and the security department of heir countries remain unable to provide ultimate protection to their citizens. Therefore; majority of people are becoming motivated to own private weapons and guns with an aim to protect themselves and their families. With the increase in the spread of guns; a debate has also started about the gun controls. The process of gun controls is basically related to the creation of laws and policies that tend to regulate the different domains of the firearms.

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For instance; the gun control tends to regulate the manufacturing, selling, transferring, possession, modification and even the use of the weapons. The repose of this paper is to make the readers aware about the importance of gun control. The views of opponents and proponents both will be expressed in this regard. The ever increasing debates over gun control seem to predict the prevalence Of crime rates and terrorist attacks even in the developed societies like United States of America.

The gun control basically refers to the different regulations, laws and policies which tend to guide the entire domain of the weapons. The gun control regulations tend to vary greatly around the world (Thomas, p. 71 For instance; the United Kingdom has established extremely strict laws about he gun possession whereas the United States of America observe gun control laws which vary across the states. Gun control is essentially a subset of the domain of arms control. The gun control regulations are more related to the private ownership and usage of guns (Lott, p. 7). Supporting Gun Control The dangers of widespread gun ownership are clearly depicted in the crime rates associated with the guns and other weapons. The smaller arms which can be privately owned like revolvers, pistols, rifles, shot guns and other weapons need to be dealt with the gun control regulations (Thomas, p. 71). The ever increasing assaults and weapons related crimes clearly depict the need of having strict laws regarding the gun control within United States of America.

In accordance with the survey performed by National Education Association in 2003; more than three thousand children were killed through gunfire’s in 2002. The statistics depict that within every three hours; a child died due to the gunfire’s (Lott, p. 37). The alarming statistics provided above clearly depict how important it remains to regulate the manufacturing, selling transferring and using the guns. The gun control policies existing in United

States of America remain extremely weak; as a result, the number of assaults and weapons relate crimes are increasing in the country. Since the weapons are easily accessible; the usage of weapons must be regulated. There are different surveys which reveal the fact that almost 89% of the citizens of United States of America have a clear access to weapons. Everyone having access to the guns are motivated to use them even unnecessarily; thus creating problems for the criminal justice agencies (Hart, p. 1).

There is a clear need to create and implement strict laws in relation with the gun control. The most important argument which remains supportive of the creation and implementation of stricter laws is that the effective laws of gun control would minimize the assaults and weapon related crimes. This is suggested because a survey conducted in 201 0 reveals that almost three hundred million firearms are possessed by the civilians in the private capacity within Ignited States of America. Majority of people own firearms with a justification of self-defense (Grandson, p. ). Really intend to ask such civilians that if they need to have private guns for their self-defense; what is he significance of having the world’s best police force and criminal justice agencies in the country? No matter how much civilians try to defend their actions by claiming self-defense; there is a clear linkage of the privately held guns to the increasing number of crimes in the society. For instance; in 2008 there were almost 1 6,272 murders reported in the United States Of America; out of all these murders; 67% were committed with the firearms (Underworld, p. 81). These murders were not related to self-defense. Another important alarming fact related to the prevalence of guns in the private ownership is hat in the homes which tend to carry guns; there is almost 3 times more risk that a household member would commit a homicide. How does killing a family member is related to self-defense? Essentially support the idea of gun control because believe that it there are no guns or weapons available to the civilians; there would be a significant decrease witnessed in the crime rates (Numberless, p. 1 1).

The reason behind this thinking is obvious; when people would not have the weapons, how would they commit crimes? The private possession of weapons tends to lead towards different problems thin the society. In 2009; it was reported that more than thirty thousand people died due to gun related injuries including the homicides. United States of America is a 4. 4% of the entire world’s population and it carries almost 46% of the total world’s weapons (Grandson, p. 1). Only a 4. 4% population having a 46% of the total world’s weapons depicts the risks the citizens of united States of America seem to go through with.

There is no doubt in the fact that no matter how effective the criminal justice system of the police force of United States Of America tend to become; it remains impossible for he force to keep an eye in every house and over the activity of every citizen (Numberless, p. 1 1). This becomes the reason that even the world’s smartest police force remains unsuccessful in controlling the private weapons related crimes. Therefore; there is a clear need that effective gun control policies must be made and implemented (National Association of School Psychologists, p. 2).

The civilians can possess the weapons like revolvers, pistols, carbines, hunting rifles, sporting rifles and shotguns. With almost 89% of the citizens of United States of America carrying or possessing private weapons (Hart, p. ); it becomes increasingly impossible for the criminal justice agency to confiscate such a huge amount of private weapons. Therefore; there is a need to create the gun control policies which can guide the future selling of the weapons and the usage of the already existing privately held weapons in the country of United States of America (Underworld, p. 81 The privately held guns are 22 times more likely to be utilized in either completed or attempted suicides, criminal assaults, homicides and even unintentional shooting death or injury in comparison with actually using the weapons for self defense (National Association of School Psychologists, p. 2). There are only fewer cases reported which are proved with sufficient evidence that the privately held guns were used for a self defense shooting. In my opinion; the regulations of gun control must revolve around the selling and reselling of the weapons as almost every two of the five weapons are sold in thro wrong hands (Hart, p. ). Almost 40% of the gun acquisitions tend to occur in the secondary market. The United States Of America having the most alarming rates of the private possession Of weapons results in the firearms homicides rate being 19. 5% higher in the entry as compared to other high income countries. Similarly; the gun violence’s tend to cost the citizens of United States of America about $1 DO billion annually (Baldwin p. 1). Therefore; I believe there is an immense need to focus over effective gun control in the country in order to minimize the scrims rates and assaults happening due to the privately held weapons.

The government must make relevant policy changes in the eligibility to buy the weapons and take strict actions in case of any non compliance (Grandson, Opposing View to Gun Control Despite the fact that every citizen intends to minimize the assaults and the rimes from the society; there are people who tend to possess an opposing view to gun control. The opponents of the gun control basically suggest that gun control regulations would not result in minimizing the gun related crimes.

Also; there are some people who believe that gun control regulations tend to essentially violate the law of liberty and freedom to live in United States of America. However; I find all the opposing views to gun control less effective and argumentative (National Association of School Psychologists, p. 2). The opposing views of the gun control suggest that ‘guns do not kill people; gun intro laws kill people. ‘ The opponents of the gun control regime suggest that the gun free zones are essentially meant to protect people from the gun violence.

However; this does not happen in the practical gun control policies (National Education Association, p. 21 The opponents of gun control suggest that the gun free zones are basically the free killing zones. The opponents tend to believe that gun control for the civilians would only result in confiscating or regulating the gun control for the ones who use the guns for their self-defense. The people who intend to carry guns for committing crimes usually get away with the gun control practices easily (Thomas, p. 1). The opponents of the gun control possess the view that it remains a fundamental right of the citizens of United States of America to take all the necessary steps in their self-defense. It remains clearly evident that the police force the criminal justice agencies prevailing in the united States of America are somehow being inefficient in protecting their citizens (Numberless, p. 11). The recent incidents like Boston Bombings and Navy Yard Shootings depict the inefficiency of the police force.

Therefore; the citizens must be allowed to josses guns for their self-defense as the trust of citizens over the criminal justice agencies seem to become doubtful (Baldwin p. 1). The opponents also suggest that the second amendment rights clearly allow the citizens to possess weapons. The second amendment of the United States of America’s constitution states that the right of people to possess arms must not be infringed due to the prevalence of a well regulated military existing in the country (National Education Association, p. 21).

The case of District Of Columbia v. Heeler also seconds the views of people that they possess the eight of carrying arms; but the right is not an unlimited one. The Second Amendment clearly protects the citizens for owning their guns (Underworld, p. 381). The recent case of McDonald v. Chicago; the Supreme Court of United States of America also claims that the provisions of second amendments apply to all the states and therefore no state can create relevant regulations regarding the gun control (National Education Association, p. 1 The gun control cannot overwrite the rights of citizens to protect themselves and their families from the exposed criminal and terrorist threats that prevail within the United States of America. The underlying regulation of gun ownership can essentially create more tyranny for within the society (Lott, p. 37). It has essentially become a necessity for the citizens of United States of America to possess the guns because the state has been incapable of providing the security to the citizens which is an underlying responsibility of the state (Baldwin p. ). The opponents of gun control suggest that the gun control policies only create difficulties for citizens for their self defense and the criminal elements tend to easily escape with such policies through their sharp tactics and criminal frame of mind. However; I do to agree with the opponents Of gun control and I believe that the gun control must be effectively implemented in order to minimize the crime rates in the society. Conclusion Gun control issues have always been a topic of interest for many debates.


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