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Novel Assessment Ninth Ward Edema Gaillardia English 1 Ms. Vaughn chose this image because Hurricane Strain was very important in the book. It killed and wiped out people homes and dreams. When Hurricane Strain finally hit Louisiana, a lot people thought it was going be k to stay, but the outcome was more then what they expect. Summary Twelve year old Lanes lives in tight-knit community in New Orleans Ninth Ward. She doesn’t have a fancy house. She live with mama Way-Way. She can see ghost and is very special.

Mama Way-Way saw Strain in her dreams. So Lanes and she prepared for the hurricane like everyone else. Sadly, Mama Way;Way die during the hurricane and Lanes, her Neighbor and dog spot survived. Text- To-Text Ninth Ward Compares to Noah and the Ark. When God flooded the earth and most of everything was covered by water. Noah and his family had to survive and Lanes and Teashop had to survive and Strain flood most of everything. Text-To-Self This book relates to me is my parents being pastors, they can see the future and spirits.

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It is a good and bad thing for me. Text-To-World NEW ORLEANS -? Some New Orleans residents and city officials are pushing back against tour operators who bus out-of-downers into the city’s Lower 9th Ward, where Hurricane Strain unleashed a wall of water that pushed homes off foundations and stranded residents on rooftops when the levees failed. About 9 million people visit New Orleans each year, mostly to see its stately homes along oak-lined avenues, dine at its renowned restaurants and take in the jazz and ribaldry of Bourbon Street.

But Strain’s devastation in August 2005 unleashed an unexpected cottage tourism industry, drawing a daily parade of rubbernecking tourists for a close-up look at the city’s hard-hit Lower 9th Ward. Worried that a flood of tour buses and vans would interfere tit clean-up efforts, the City Council approved an ordinance in 2006 banning them from crossing the prominent Industrial Canal entering the neighborhood that received Strain’s fury. Now, tour operators are crying foul, claiming the ordinance had been thinly enforced until recently.

They say a business that is bringing them and the city tourist dollars is being hurt. Reflection Its Lanes birthday, she is twelve. She was born with a call, a skin netting covering her face like a glove. Her mother died during Lanes birth. Mama Way-Way save Lanes by cutting call off her face. Mama Way-Way tells Lanes she s special because her eyes were the lightest green. So she had “sight” said Mama Way-Way meaning Lanes can see ghost. Mama Way-Way is 82, half blind now, She’s is raising Lanes because her relatives don’t want nothing do to her. Her whole family that live in uptown are richer than Lanes.

Lanes lived on Ninth Ward. Every time she walks by Mama Way-Way, she see her mother spirit. Her mother stomach still big like hasn’t gave birth yet. Lanes love math. She use it every day and in everything. Lanes has seen ghost all her life. Sometimes at school she see them, she say hey but they don’t reply. In school she got bully and pick on because of her eyes. Teashop is her neighbor and in her English class. Mama Way-Way is a midwife, she birth Teashop and he was born with an extra finger. Once before, after Teashop birth, a baby died and the mother blame Mama Way-Way.

So people stop going to her and go the hospital. Teashop got pick on like Lanes at school. Lanes like school thought, she like all her teachers and classes. Lanes saw getting beat up so she went and help but find it out it was Teashop. He was holding a dog and he ask her to watch the dog for him. Mama Way-Way saw a storm in her dreams but he was unsure. Mama Way-Way ask Lanes to ask her mother. Lanes knew it is bad because Mama Way-Way would never ask her that. She went and ask her mother but she didn’t answer. People was preparing for Strain. The day of Strain hurricane Lanes prepare.

Then it start Strain hitting New Orleans soft but quick. So Mama Way-Way and Lanes got in the tub and then Mama Way- Way hit hurt head and was bleeding. Teashop got lost and came to their house. Then Hurricane really hit. The water coming in and flooding everything. So Mama Way-Way died and the water was still raising so they left the attic. Lanes paving her Mama Way- Way. So they was in the roof for days, no water or nothing. She was grandmother under water. Then they saw a boat but it was stuck so Lanes jump into the water and start to drown but the spirit of her mother save her.

Lanes, Teashop and spot got in the boat and after a while Red Cross came and save them. Answer the following question utilizing paragraph format 1. Would recommend this book to my cousin and sisters. Actually to a lot to people because it’s every good book and it teaches a lesson, appreciate your and family 2. The most memorable part about this book is when Lanes, Mama Way-Way, Teashop and spot was in the attic and the water was flooding and covering the house. Mama Way-Way said, she was dying and then died. Lanes was strong and didn’t stop to cry, but she got up and kept going.

It was memorable because her grandma died, when she was only twelve years old 12. She had to deal with Hurricane Strain. 3. The least favorite part of the book, that they never brought her uptown to family that could help her. I also don’t like it because it keeps me wondering, what will happen next… Exposition A. Mama Way-Way is a midwife. She can feel, see the future and sense things. She also watch Lanes and she was a very wise women and very old in age. Lanes is also another main character. She can see ghost and have feel things about them. She is wise for her age and also great n math.

B. The setting was in New Orleans more specific Ninth Ward The most memorable character was Lanes because she was braved. Regardless of what situation came up, starting from beginning to the end of the book, she was consisted in doing whatever it takes to survive. The most evoked and positive catharsis is Teashop because he was never let anyone him bring him down. Lanes evoked the most negative because she thought for he worse before she think of the good. The character identify the most is Mama Way-Way and Lanes. The least is Brittany and Mrs.. Johnson. Rising Action A.

External The External conflict was when Lanes was in the attic and Mama Way-Way died. She was feeling hurt, sad and depress. She was going through so much in her life but she had to stay strong. B. Internal The internal conflict was when Strain finally came and it started off slow and gently with rain dashing and pounding on the house. Then the big bang came and Strain came full force. Knocking down everything in its path. Flooding roads, schools, and houses. Everything was knock down and under water. Climax Lanes was in Mama Way-Way room then the rain came in.

She picked up Mama Way-Way and drag her to the bath tub and Mama Way-Way head was bleeding. Then Teashop came over because he was lost. Then it start to flood and Mama Way-Way die. Lanes and Teashop had to get on the roof. Falling The falling action occurs when Lanes and Teashop got rescue by Red Cross and how they survived being by their self. They talked about how it change them and how scared but still did what they had to do to survive. Denouncement It ended when Red Cross came and got them while they was in the boat. They attach the boat to another boat and pull to the bridge where the rest of people at.

Point Of View It is told by third-person omniscient written omnisciently as if viewed by a source outside all the action. Theme The Theme of the book is to be strong, regardless of what you going through! Said that because Teashop had been strong we got lost and had find Lanes house. Mama Way-Way had be strong because she was going die but she couldn’t let that hinder Lanes. Lanes had been strong because her grandma die, she is hungry and had survived and stay strong for Teashop. Imaginary Analysis A. Simile The rocks hit the house like someone was throwing them as hard as they can. G. 56 B. Simile It is like having heaven on earth when my mother came and rescue me, and when I got pack out the water broke out in tears. Peg. 45 C. Personification The rain dance on the house like street dancer on the street. Peg 25 Tone Analysis “Spot! ” I scream “Teashop, I’m going to let go one hand. Throw it around you and catch the trunk. You’ll need to keep still. Let me circle around you. ‘Kay? Okay’ “l don’t think I can say” says Teashop “l love you Mama Way-Way and I would never forget you and I will always cherish you in my heart. I love you! ”


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