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As Carla Due mentioned, a farmer who lived in the United States during the prohibition era, “It made it more exciting to do something you weren’t supposed to do. ” (Meredith)Len the end, the 18th Amendment only created a new type of night life that was taken full advantage of by some Italian immigrants. The American-Italian mafia was created by Italian immigrants that once belonged to the Sicilian Mafiosi. It wasn’t until the mid-1 9th century that Mafiosi member began to escape from Sicily, Italy.

The American-Italian mafia was a well-organized operation that became famous for their involvement in illegal manufacture and trade of alcoholic beverages ring the Prohibition era in the asses. The Roaring Twenties and early 1 ass’s were created by the high profit rate throughout cities like Atlantic City and New York City. There was a low risk in the business of illegal trafficking of alcohol. This created opportunities for gangsters and mob bosses like AH Capons. Alcohol trafficking and gambling were two big jobs that the Mafia made profit from during the asses. Prohibition 2000) They were able to ship their products into the area from European alcohol ship dealers. They would stop right outside Shaw 2 he States borders and then the mafia were able to use Canada’s safe borders to smuggle liquor into the states. Some cities were a little more cautious when it came to dealing with the cops, while others took pride in their illegal activity and didn’t bother to hide it. Atlantic City was a tourist site before the national law went into effect on January 16, 1 920, and it continued with their illegal activities as if nothing had changed.

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There was illicit liquor, gambling, and prostitution that rained as a few well known attractions for the city that as known as, “The World’s Playground. “(Barroom) The only difference between Atlantic City and New York City, was that everything was kept more secretive, the alliances that were formed between the law enforcement and the mafia kept their businesses running well into the 1 sass. Even though Americans know the mafia as the naturist mob bosses that ruled the business capital of New York City during the time of the Prohibition era, the Italian mafia wasn’t always in the states.

Following The timeline of the Mafia back to Italy, before the flood of the Italian immigration that came into he states in the 19th century, you’ll fine that the original mafia started as a group of Sicilian natives trying to protect their history by banding together against foreign attacks. The aristocrats aligned with social leaders to create a conservative power structure that became stable enough to protect their Sicilian dominance within Sicily for years. (8 April 201 0) It wasn’t until Giuseppe Morel began to run New York that America’s first Mafia don was created.

He was the first Mafioso immigrant in the states that was able to come to New York and build a formally running Mafia family and urn it into a significant criminal empire. Morel wasn’t just from a small Sicilian town, but had also been a member of the Mafia since 1880 when his step father brought him in when he still lived in Sicily. He had the knowledge, resources, and intelligence that was needed to form a whole new branch of the Mafia family in the states. As the Mafia expanded throughout America, Shaw 3 so did their power.

What once were only Italian immigrants Morel knew he could call on turned into a large mafia “family/’ with New York City as its capital. In the late asses, Boss Lucky Lucian created five main families wrought New York. These families each had one vote and together dominated organized crime. Allusion’s central organization was similar to a board of directors and consisted of at least 20 families. This was called The Commission. There was a code, the Emerge, it was a non-breaking law of loyalty and silence that all members were to uphold.

The main rule about becoming a member of the mafia was that you were a mafia member for life. Many members married into the mafia family, like Ignition Loop, but others were those who once had no connection to the mafia at all. These associates only became full-fledged members after a list of trials known as rituals were performed. Some rituals required a prick of a finger while holding a burning picture of a saint and taking a oath of loyalty, others required you to commit a murder.

Each process depended on the family and what they believed a mafia member needed to do to prove their lifetime commitment to the Mafia family and the emerge. “The Italian Mafia remains as carved into the American pop culture as the westerns of John Wayne and Clint Eastward,” Vincent Rosier editor assistant of Salon, points out during his interview with bestselling author Mike Dash. When the mafia fled to America in the asses they created a new type of mafia. One that was different from their previous more noble ways of defending their culture when they created the original mafia in Italy.

They began to not care if their victims were Italian or not, it was more about whether they could get cometh inning from you and turn a profit. (Rosier) The once protectors of the Sicilian people were now sharks. The surge of power the mafia felt during this time is what kept it alive, that and the need Of alcohol and in a sense of freedom that came in demand in asses. Like the saying goes, “If there’s a means there’s a way. ” Although the mafia once ruled throughout the cities of New York, Chicago, and Atlanta City; that all began to change during the asses.

Although there Shaw 4 were a few more good years even after the asses for the mafia there wasn’t much they could do when the early asses came around. The government had already started an hunt for any mafia activity and with time and loyalties changing slowly the government’s actions caused the power the mafia once had to slowly collapse. The government’s efforts in ending the mafia caused n increase in public awareness. The once private and secretive organization even began to lose control of its own people.


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