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They ay Intel handled the flaw was wrong they shouldn’t of made people have to prove why they would need to do complex math problems in order to get a new unfunded chip. “Intel publicly announced that an error is only likely to occur [about] once in nine billion random floating point divides”, and that “an average spreadsheet user could encounter this subtle flaw once in every 27,000 years of use. ” After they had admitted they were wrong in November and made people would need a new chip, they decided in December to replace they chip for anyone who asked.

If the same type of flaw were to happen today think that more people would notice it because of how much we have advanced from 1 994 to today with probably way more complex math problems than back then. Worst of all is that Intel knew all about this flaw but told no one. They kept it a secret which I don’t agree with. The right thing would have been to fix the flaw before letting it go any farther. Intel is still a huge and successful company today so it obviously didn’t affect them that much.

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