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Reflection on Meaning, Use, and History of Statistics

Statistics is the study of the collection, analysis, interpretation, presentation, and organization of data. Every day we collect information on what the weather is and analyze on how we will dress and what we will bring when we go outside the house. We will interpret it as doing on the actual thing and so we present it to other people by showing them what we do and organize the things we do. We take note of the thing that we did and create a mental list bout how we will do such things in the future.

Its not just ordinary people that use statistics. There are some people, those who own large companies for example, make use of statistics. An example of that would be Mitosis, the company near where I live. Mitosis is a company which makes use of peripherals like cell phone cameras, lenses for DVD players and the like. They make use of statistics through computing for the number of items that they will produce for a day. They make thousands of products every day and each company must make sure that a good quality item is sold.

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But a company can’t test each and every item that they ship to their consumers. So Mitosis, uses statistics to test just a few, called a sample, of what they make. If the sample passes quality tests, then the company assumes that all the items made in the group, called a batch, and are good. Another example for that would be Wall-Mart, a worldwide leading retailer, keeps track of everything they sell and use statistics to calculate what to ship to each store and when. From analyzing their vast store of information, for example.


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