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The assignment was designed to be presented in 2 halves. The first was a ten minute overview on the case study where we explained the text and related theories and concepts referring back to the case in order for the class to understand. The second half of the presentation was designed as a casual workshop where group members asked the class questions to reiterate the information discussed in the first half of the presentation. The classed first formed groups of two in an activity to break the ice and show an understanding of partnerships. It was designed to get them to understand an international partnership and the possible barriers they might face. The partners activity was followed by a number of questions related back to certain topics discussed in the chapter and earlier in the presentation about the theories and concepts. We finished our workshop of with a SWOT analysis to bring together everything we discussed. The overall experience was really good in terms of teamwork and getting things done. The week before we had all the content completed so we were able to rehearse. There was generally a good dynamic within the group which made working together easy. We learnt each others strengths and weaknesses as we went along by talking via Facebook. After we initially met I created a facebook group so we could keep in touch and discuss the assignment whenever we needed to. We met weekly to discuss our input and the chapter in order to gain an understanding of what we then had to say in the presentation. We also used a shared google document so everyone could see the work getting done and add to it whenever they wanted. I took on somewhat of a leadership or organisational role ensuring everyone knew about meetings and when things needed to be completed by.


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