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Red Badge of Courage Research Paper

Condor Naught Mrs.. Williams English 11 AP February 14 2008 A Young Man’s Journey Through Chaos Another strategy used by the author was to keep the characters indistinct, such as calling Henry Fleming “the youth” and having other soldiers called ‘the tall soldier “the loud soldier” and ‘the tattered man”. By doing this Crane was able to keep the characters impersonal allowing readers to easily put themselves in that characters position instead of thinking often as a part of a book. These components along with others combined to create a novel that captivates readers and throws them into the action.

Bibliography Clark, Frances. “So Lonesome I Could Die: Nostalgia and Debates Over Emotional Control in the Civil War North”, Journal Of Social History, Volvo. 41, Issue 2 p. 253-282, 2007. Retrieved February 10, 2008. This source was unique in that it provided primary sources of accounts on the civil war and therefore was very useful. Cumberland, Sharon. “_An Overview of The Red Badge of Courage_”, in Exploring Novels, Gale, 1998. Retrieved February 1, 2008. This source was useful in describing the way Crane wrote this novel. Faust, Drew Galling. ‘This is My Last Letter to you”, CiVil war Times, Volvo. 47, Issue 1, pop-35, 2008.

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