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Reason Student Enrollment in University

Journal of Business Studies Quarterly 2011, Vol. 2, No. 3, pp. 57-63ISSN 2152-1034Factors Affecting the Jordanian Students’ Selection Decision Among Private Universities
Marwan M. Shammot, King Saud University, Riyadh Community College, Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaAbstract This study aims at defining the role of the marketing factors in affecting the Jordanian student choice of a private university. Through asking a random sample consists of 25 females and 25 males about the factors according to their point of view, the financial cost has the most significant effect on their selection of the universities, but between females this factor was not significant word of mouth and university branding has higher degree in influencing the students choice of the university among females. Key words: Marketing factors, word of mouth, university branding.Introduction Higher education law in Jordan requires from the student either the Jordanian or foreigners, the presentation of a formal proof on getting a certificate of success in high school. The process of selection of specialty to be studied by a student at the university, depends on several factors such as; tendency profile, the rate of marks in the high school, labor market requirements, number of years of study to desired specialization, and the financial ability (Embo Saiedi, 2010). Furthermore, and especially in the Eastern communities, as (Kubilius and Yasumoto, 2006), parental attitudes have the greatest effect on students choice across all variables. But the most critical and complex decision is the selection of university in which he or she, will study in. In fact, there are many kinds of factors which will have an impact on the decision to select the university, where these factors can be stored into categories including: personal factors, social factors, economic factors, educational factors, and marketing factors. This study will focus on the role of marketing factors, in influencing the Jordanian…


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