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Ruby Tuesday Willetts
Select holidays in European destinations to meet specific motivationsA recently retired couple are looking for a cultural relaxing break. They intend to spend two weeks at the chosen destination. They would like to visit a city.I would recommend that the couple take a trip to Barcelona. The beautiful city located in Spain has a wide range of relaxing and cultural attractions that the couple can visit like, museums such as The National Museum of Art of Catalonia or they could go for a walk in one of the twelve historic parks that Barcelona has to offer. Also, Barcelona has a beach that was listed at number one in a list of top ten city beaches in the world according to National Geographic. The couple could do alternate days where one day they visit an attraction and the next they have a relaxing day at the beach, this is what I would recommend.I would also recommend that the couple visit Paris. The city is not far from England and you can get their via various modes of transport making the city easily accessible. The city is packed full of cultural sites that the couple can visit such as the Eiffel Tower or The Louvre Museum. The couple could stop in a luxury hotel such as The Hotel du Collectionneur Arc de Triomphe. This hotel is 5* and has spa facilities meaning the couple could fully relax whilst in Paris. A young couple is looking for a three week cruise. They want something lively and to hopefully visit more than one destination. I recommend that the young couple go on a 9 night cruise of the Spanish Islands. The cruise will port 6 times throughout the 9 days. The first stop will be at Barcelona – Spain, then be at sea for two days. It will then stop at Funchal – Madeira, Santa Cruz – Tenerife, Arrecife – Lanzarote before being at sea for another day before stopping at Malaga- Spain. It will then be at Spain for another day before stopping off at Barcelona again. There is a Casino on board the ship, a theatre…


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