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Ptlls to Write a 200-400 Word Explanation of the Needs for Keeping Records and a Description of the Types of Records You Would Maintain

PTTLS – Theory Assignment Three Aim: To write a 200-400 word explanation of the needs for keeping records and a description of the types of records you would maintain. It is absolutely essential that a teacher holds and maintains relevant and up-to-date records not only on his/her students but also on the lessons that are going to be and have already been taught. In fact, record keeping is probably in the region of around 90% of the work required of a teacher, with only 10% being the actual teaching!

It is important that personal student records are stored (in a lockable cabinet) so that knowledge of individual student needs are known, such as any learning difficulties which would require additional support in the classroom. These personal records would also contain information about emergency contacts and personal details including address and telephone numbers for the student. Individual Learning Plans (ILP’s) for each individual student will also be maintained, which will include detailed targets and goals for the student to be working towards.

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These ILP’s are live documents, which mean that they are constantly changing and evolving along with the students’ goals and aspirations. This document will help ensure that a student remains focused on achieving relevant targets and provides a working document for a teacher to track progress and record achievements, moving goalposts as appropriate but always ensuring a student remains motivated, encouraged and supported at all times.

A Scheme of Work (SoW) is created by a teacher and is also a live, working document which clearly outlines the content and structure of a course, programme or topic. The SoW clearly maps out resource requirements, relating to staffing and consumables / materials. It gives an overview of each session and provides a valuable tool for reference in terms of evaluation and review, as well as providing the stepping stones for the creation of the more detailed Lesson Plans (LP).

A teacher must create a Lesson Plan for every single lesson / session within the course / programme. A lesson plan provides great detail and can even be broken down into minute by minute time slots dependant on the individual teacher’s style. It is also important that a teacher completes a register of attendance, which could also be coupled with a matrix of progress for practical assignments and theoretical coursework. The register would also be vital in the event of a fire or emergency where vacation from the classroom would be necessary.

Student tracking is really important as they may be studying a variety of different courses so it is important that cross-referencing takes place and knowledge of the levels at which individuals are working at would be really useful, especially in terms of the functional skills: Numeracy, literacy and ICT; so that all teachers can be aware of individual needs in these areas. Records of assessment results are also important as this would help to build a picture of how affective different assessment methods are as well as actually assessing a student’s capability within a specific subject.

So, in summary the following records need to be kept: * Personal Student Records; * Individual Learning Plans; * Schemes of Work; * Lesson Plans; * Register of Attendance; * Matrix of Progress; * Student Tracking; * Assessment Records; There are other documents, which may need to be kept as well and these include: * Application forms; * Referral Forms; * Progress Reviews; * Copies of Certificates and Achievements; * Observation Reports; * Initial Assessment Scores; * Eligibility Declarations; * Consent forms for Photographs; * Acceptance of ICT Policies etc.


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