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Process Design

Process Design Matrix and Summary
Process Design Matrix and Summary
For any type of service, the design approach is crucial in determining how successful the business will be. When discussing a service, the process design can consist of many elements. In this case, the type of service reviewed is that of receiving a massage. The process itself is that of a personal attention approach, where the service provided needs to be directed at a specific individual or group of people. The strategy of a massage parlor is to gain clients and ensure they continue to provide the attention necessary to each client so that they are likely to return. When a service provided to an individual is thought to have exceeded their expectations, they are more likely to recommend that same service to others; in turn, building the clientele and at the same time, increasing the profits. It is necessary to employ the best workers and in this case, massage therapists, so that the company has a strong workforce to provide the personal attention required to stand out from the competition.
When it comes to the scheduling aspect of providing a service such as massage, the personal attention approach is prevalent once again. Clients call in to speak with an employee to make the appointments. The self-service approach can also be utilized in this situation if the company allows their clients to make their own appointments through an online calendar where access is provided to those that have set up an account. This is helpful in the sense that clients may want to see with their own eyes what the availability looks like, as opposed to providing a specific day and time before it is told whether or not that is an available option. In addition to the scheduling, the actual location of the massage parlor has great importance. A location within a busy shopping center would probably be ideal as there is a greater chance for walk-in clients….


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