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Process Design Matrix

Process Design Matrix and Summary
OPS 571
April 14, 2014Process Design Matrix and Summary
This paper describes the process design for a particular service and product that will be either new to the market or improved upon. The service that is discussed will be the need for drug interaction kiosks in busy grocery stores and pharmacies. The product selected for improvement is cat litter. The summary describes the new idea of implementing kiosks for easier information regarding drug interactions. The cat litter will be improved so that odors are less noticeable and owners can change the litter box less frequently.
A stand-alone kiosk in major grocery stores and pharmacies will aid in drug interactions and relay additional information regarding over the counter and prescription medication. The kiosks will be built in an assembly line production facility where all the parts will be added as the machine progresses down the assembly line. Once delivered to select locations, customers will be able to input drug information and receive a print out of any harmful drug interactions and any necessary drug related information. A customer can check each of their prescription medications to ensure there are no harmful interactions. The pharmacist on duty will be able to answer any other questions the customer may have.
This service process design will help to eliminate unnecessary waits at the pharmacy. The customer will be able to obtain the information right away. Once the customer is finished using the kiosk, a survey is conducted regarding the ease of use and other pertinent information. The survey results will be studied so that improvements can be made.
Implementing this service process design will place the burden onto the customer and create a self-service process. Many consumers enjoy the self-service process because they can retrieve information without any wait times (except for customer usage at the time)….


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