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Pressure Ulcers

Week 3, Summarize Research Articles
Nur: 504 HealthCare Research Analysis and Utilization
Professor: Debbie Cheatham RN, MSN, DNP
Oscar A
Grand Canyon University
January 29, 2014Article 1: Qualitative Study
Problem Statement
Registered nurses are responsible and accountable for prevention of pressure ulcers in high risk patients.
Pressure ulcers is a problem that is encounter by many health care institutions. Addressing and managing them is of the most important for health care institutions since as a result of the increase occurrences of pressure ulcer many health care insurances have chosen not to pay for the additional days patients send in health care institutions due to nosocomial pressure ulcers they have develop. The goal of this study was to gather information on the views of a group of RNs from three different nursing units regarding their perception, knowledge and importance of addressing pressure ulcers for patients under their care.
Research Question
To describe how registered nurses perform, document and reflect on pressure ulcers prevention.
The study was conducted using a descriptive design, in which the RNs were observed while performing their daily care of their patients. Also the researchers conducted interviews of the nurses to gather information directly from them on how they perceived and the level of importance they gave to the prevention, care and management of pressure ulcers on patients. The participants were 9 RNs 3 each from three different nursing units. This three nursing units were identify by the research team and units whose patients were at high risk for developing pressure ulcers. The participants were all women and range from 26 to 54 years of age and an experience that range from 2to 18 years.
During the direct observation phase of the study the researchers observed nurse patient encounter on 32 out of 83 patients. They were able to identify that half…


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