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Positive Outcome for Children Essay

Outcome 2: Understand how practicians can do a positive difference in results for kids and immature people. Question 1: Identify the positive results for kids and immature people that practicians should be endeavoring to accomplish. As we already discussed this in one of the five results in Every Child Matters. As a qualified kid attention worker I should be cognizant and do positive part in the full are of kid development and support and better them to accomplish all across the five ECM results.

Be healthy
Stay safe
Enjoy and accomplish
Make a positive part
Achieve economic wellbeing.

All the kids Trust have a board of representatives to guarantee that kids have accessible and develop program in a comprehensive and simple mode. A Trust is a partnership which brings the full administration together for illustration schools. constabulary. Family Doctors. Social Workers. and so on. Their purpose is to take duty for services for kids and immature people with their families’ to portion information. protect and perpetrating to bettering kids and immature people’s lives and each one of them will be after and demo how to run into these five results in their country. Every Child Matter is cover from birth to 19 old ages old. This was highlighted by the tragic decease of Victoria Climbie at the custodies of her attentions. ensuing in a independent enquiry into her decease. The Crippling Report in 2003. in common with other enquiries into child deceases over old ages. criticised the attack to protecting kids on our society. The Crippling Report resulted in a green paper. Every Child Matters. which in bend led to the Children Act 2004 in England and other four states in the UK.

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1. To accomplish positive result in Early Old ages Foundation Stage whatever their faith or background the authorities introduce free wellness repast at school with milk and five a twenty-four hours to all kids in which aid to cut down fleshiness in some manner because there are most kids who don’t have opportunity to eat at least two or three assortment of fruit a twenty-four hours besides it help the parents to accomplish the healthy manner of life for the seek for the well-being for their kids. 2. We must follow with jurisprudence for the safeguarding for kids to be safe at all times and we can promote them. doesn’t affair of age of kid that any point they make is valuable to us and must be considerable. We must allow them cognize that they have the voice and they must be heard if they feel any dough or danger. We can do positive difference by maintaining kids safe from accidents. offense and intimidation. forced matrimonies. losing kids. safe environments. FGM. and many more. At Early Years Foundation Stage by the age of five a kid must accomplish 90 % of success in school in all country that needed of kid development.

3. Every kid have right to bask and accomplish in their survey. We are necessitating following a child holistic development to detect kids making instead than presuming that you know what are interested in and go familiar with their demands. By the age of Eleven ( secondary school ) kids are expected to accomplish a really height outlook in English and Maths accomplishment for big life at least 90 % and in most of the topics at the age of 15. When the kids are good supportive at school their accomplishment are high expectable by the age of 15. 90 % must accomplish 5 tantamount GCSEs and at age 19 at least 80 % will accomplish two to three equivalent A Levels. 4. Making positive part for kids and immature people which include create environment for the kids that will assist them to develop assurance. In my scene we encourage the kids to do their ain picks and for them to cognize that us as practicians are at that place to back up them if they so necessitate it.

Making positive part which could take kids and immature people to take parting in positive activities for accomplishments for their lives which motivate their emotion. behavior. personalise. socialise and advance their wellbeing I which will cut down the hazard of immature people acquiring involved in offense. 5. Achieve economical good being for kids and immature people we must guarantee that all the children’s activities and play countries encourages them to develop their ain independent accomplishments that meet with course of study which will assist and take them to accomplish all the larning result in their lives for the better hereafter or calling for them to be Doctor. Scientist. Pilot and so on. The better achievement economic we plan. the better it will be for kids and immature people to transcend in their instruction which will assist us crush poorness and many more.


Textbook: Children And Young People’s Workforce Early Learning & A ; Childcare Level 3 Author names: Penny Tassoni. Kate Beith. Kath Bulma and Sue Griffin Series Consultant: Maureen Smith
Publisher’s name: Heinemann Work-Based Learning.
Published on 2010.


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