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Phonebloks speech

Its a sunday morning, you’re rushing out to the university for your morning class. suddenly your phone rings in your bag while you’re trying to get in the car. You whip it out, but then its slips right out of you hand and BAM!! It falls right on the floor, as you pick it up and see the screen is broken.What do you do? chances are a) you either take it to the repairs and pay 2-300 dirhams to fix it or b) you throw it away and replace it with a new one.
This happens to to us at least once or twice in every year or two. Even if it doesn’t, trust me it will happen in the next 3-4 years. This is simply because electronics like mobile phones are not made to last or at least last for a very long time.An estimated amount of 50 million tons of electronic waste which is also known as e-waste, is produced every year. which is why David Hakkens, a 25 year old German designer came up with a solution to this enormous waste, the PhonebloksPhonebloks is a revolutionary idea to solve the problem of e-waste, well at least phone waste, i this case.The phone is made up of detachable components which as connected to the base of the phone, which connects everything together into a solid phone.

2 months ago a geek friend showed me a video on youtube about the concept, it kept me searching and researching about the phone, mainly because I believe phonebloks are for people like me, people who are constantly repairing or replacing a phone. I though i should share the video with everyone here so as to give you a glimpse of what phone books are, and what i’m going to talk to you about.VIDEO PLAYS
So, again, the books are detachable, this means, if a block breaks, or gets old, all you have to do is detach it and replace it with a new one, instead of changing the entire phone.As the project slogan says, phonebooks are a designed to be “a phone worth keeping”. The phone is designed to last all the components are detachable, replaceable, upgradeable and…

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