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Pete Rose

Kuruc 2 Pete Rose got his start as a major league baseball player during a Spring Training game in 1963 against the Chicago White Sox when a second baseman named Don Blasingame pulled his groin muscle, and Rose was put into the game as his replacement. Upon appearing in another spring training game against the New York Yankees, Pete was issued a walk and proceeded to sprint to first base instead of the usual slow trot down the baseline after a walk. Yankee player Whitey Ford gave him the nickname “Charlie Hustle”, almost mocking Rose upon seeing the play unfold. It is possible that the mocking tone of the name is the reason that Rose adopted the nickname and used it as a badge of honor throughout his playing career. Pete Rose finally made his Major League debut on opening day on April 8, 1963. Rose was held hitless for the first couple of games until April 13. Against the Pittsburgh Pirates and pitcher Bob Friend, Rose collected his first Major League hit, a triple. Rose went on to log 4,256 hits in his illustrious playing career, retiring with the all-time hits record in the MLB, a mark that stands to this day.
Personally I picked this topic because my father would always talk about Pete Rose when we talked about baseball since Rose had such great intensity and energy as well as his keen ability to get a hit whenever the team really needed it. He was also a key piece of the Philadelphia Phillies teams during his tenure with the team from 1979 until 1984. During Rose’s time with the Phillies he helped lead the team to three division titles and two World Series appearances including the 1980 season in which the Phillies captured the World Series in six games over the Kansas City Royals. My father not only grew up in Philadelphia but his father and my grandfather actually worked for the Phillies as a ticket taker. This link to the Phillies certainly enhanced my father’s love and passion for the 1980 team and Pete Rose especially Kuruc 3
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