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Chukwunonso Enekebe
Prof Eric Benjamin
Psychology   102
Article Analysis Paper
College Students and Alcohol consumption in Colleges in America
                       Alcohol consumption by college students today is extremely high compared to in the late 1900s (Wechsler et al., 2002). Furthermore, alcohol consumption or misuse is a major issue on college campuses in the United States.  Every year, at least 40%-45% of college students engage in heavy drinking (Wechsler et al., 2002). And 12% to 31% of colleges students qualify for a clinical diagnosis of alcohol abuse, and of that, 6% qualify for a diagnosis of alcohol dependence (Knight et al., 2002;) .The literature on alcohol suggest a correlation between problematic drinking and a perceived level of stress for college students, which is mediated by coping skills and social supports (Ham & Hope, 2003).Furthermore, according to Lazarus and Folk man (1984) “stress occurs when individuals  of any age, perceive environmental demands that exceed their resources. These researches poised two coping styles to deal with stress: problem- focused leading to problem focused strategies, and emotional focused leading to control of negative emotions. On the basis of this model, college students who seem to be vulnerable to alcohol consumption are those who deem the environmental demands as challenging because of a lack of internal and external resources and lack of problem-focused coping skills. Vulnerability may sometimes be on the rise in some individuals if they believe that alcohol provides benefits for emotional change, i.e. from negative feelings to a positive feeling.”
                   The first area in this paper I am writing is about Alcohol use, Acculturative stress, and drinking motivation among community college students which was first written by Chieko Koyama and Gabriella Belli. They both wrote a journal about drinking motivation among college students including international students…


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